Solutions to the "General Grand Unification Problem,"
and the Questions "How Did Our Universe Come Into Being?"
and "Of What is Empty Space Composed?"

Robert A. Herrmann

(Modified) Abstract 1

(This is the original solution to this problem. Although still viable, it has been higher revised to include GGU-model schemes.) Using the methods of theoretical science to model mathematically human linguistic processes, it is rationally predicted that within the nonstandard physical world there exists force-like (logical) operators that sequentially generate each of the Natural (physical) systems that comprise a Universe. This scientific model shows specifically that within the nonstandard physical world the behavior of each Natural world Natural system is related logically. The operators are applicable to different universes. These different universes including those with no beginning, no ending, or cyclic. This model also shows how this process yields the descriptive entities that are termed as Natural Laws. This yields a general grand unification for the behavior of all Natural systems within any such Universe - A Theory of Everything. Further, the model also predicts the rational existence of a single type of entity within the nonstandard physical world's substratum that can be used to construct, by means of an exceptionally simple process, all of the fundamental Natural world particles used within particle physics. In important section 11.2, it is shown how (Natural law) allowable perturbations in Natural system behavior are also included within this mathematical model. Except for properton generation, the model is independent from any internal theory that predicts internal Natural system behavior. These results solve the pre-geometry problem of Wheeler. An additional interpretation shows that, in general, the model predicts that when these Universe creating processes are viewed globally, they can be described as mirroring the behavior of intelligent agents.


This is a 74 page monograph. You can download it without restrictions. To read a discussion as to the scientific methods used to obtain these results, please read scientific methods used. The general history and a significant discussion is written in HTML and, hence, can be viewed without the use of additional software. The other files are in the PDF.

The general non-mathematical monograph file is the HTML file Grand. However, this HTML paper has not be revised. This is the complete PDF file [599KB] and corresponds to the Physics Archives version. The last file, written in HTML with images, is a geometric representation for some of the "universe" creating scenarios. There are three other well known "thought process" that are mathematically modeled and directly used for this solution. They are the choice, ordered choice and finite-combination operators.

Please consider this: If you don't have the technical background in mathematics or physics to comprehend the mathematical portions of this book, then you should consider downloading a copy of my high school level U. S. Naval Academy Speakers Bureau elementary talk on this subject entitled How was our universe created? which uses an elementary "computer" approach that illustrates the intuitive aspects for these solutions.

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