A Brief DVD Illustration for a Biblically
Described Creation of Our Universe

Robert A. Herrmann, Ph.D.
24 MAR 2008; Latest revision 5 APR 2014.

(Motion picture film, VCR tape, and DVD mimicking illustrations were not used to obtain the GGU-model or GID-model interpretation. This model is created by mathematically encoding general languages that describe sequences of physical-events. Processes that yield such event sequences are modeled after observed human behaviors that occur trillions of times a day. These illustrations were not devised until after 1997.)

In this article, I present a very strict interpretation of the events depicted in Genesis 1-8. Such an interpretation closely adheres to the known meanings of the terms as understood by the original scribes and audience. This interpretation satisfies the GGU-model. At present, I believe that it is the must likely representation for a literal Genesis 1-8 account. Whether it is factual depends upon other considerations such as actual physical evidence or modes of judicious thought as described elsewhere on this website. These personal statements present a highly revised version of the creationary model presented in (1, pp. 199 - 207). In the world of scholarship, individuals want to apply their own expertize to Biblical notions. I reject various "scholarly" attempts to display a superior comprehension via any highly specialized analysis of Biblical terms. Few model builders seek the correct information. What do the Biblical terms signify when they were first presented? The Bible clearly states that God does not deceive unless He specifically tells us when or where He employs a deception for some specific purpose. Hence, he does not hid from His created the correct meanings for the terms. He does not delay the "true" meaning until some future special nuance is applied nor allow it only to be known by a chosen few. Any alterations in the literal meanings or obvious nuances as understood during Biblical times would make the entire Bible untrustworthy and even contradictory and, hence, useless except for some historical information.
What follows is based upon a strict (plain) interpretation of Genesis 1 as described in this Genesis 1 article. It presents further GGU-model (3, 3a,b) details. Such an interpretation appears to adhere closely to the meanings of the terms as understood by the original scribes and audience.

The General Grand Unification Model (GGU-model) is a mathematical cosmogony. That is, via mathematical reasoning and interpreted mathematical symbols that represent collections of processes, it produces many distinct physical universes in many distinct ways. Various symbols are termed as "operators." These operators represent physical or physical-like processes. Each has a signature that signifies that intelligent agency is responsible for the production of and alterations in the behavior of every physical or physical-like system. Such characteristics yield the General Intelligent Design Model (GID-model) interpretation. As with other areas of physical science these signatures can be ignored. One form of universe creation parallels the strict creationary mode expressed in Genesis 1. This article is a further illustration of that form. Other details of the more complete Genesis account through and after the Flood can be found it my other personal statements and elsewhere on this website.

The mathematical theory was developed first and the following is a translation of the results obtained for one collection of "event sequences." (Recall that an event sequence is what produces, in a step-by-step manner via a specific realization process, real physical entities, real physical behavior, or physical-like events that are associated with real physical events or behavior.) A somewhat more detailed explanation requires the language of the GGU-model. An in-depth explanation is highly technical and complex and involves mathematical analysis using a rather new mathematical process called "Nonstandard Modeling," a portion of a model for modern set-theory. Also, the phrase "rather sudden" is used in some cases, where some entities may not appear instantaneously, but rather they occur over an "short" period of Earth-time during a specific creation-day.

In order to comprehend the following illustration, the statements between the [[ and ]] can be ignored if not understood. If [[[ and ]]] are used, then, for comprehension, one needs to know the definitions of more than a few technical terms.

(In this article, the term "subparticle" was previously used. To prevent incorrect mental images as to models for subparticles, the term "properton" replaces the term "subparticle." Without visualizing, a properton is an entity characterized only by a list of properties. Propertons have "properties." These are not assigned some form of human visualization that is intended as a model for behavior. Such visualizations often imply incorrect information that needs to be ignored.)

(A) Consider a modern large flat-panel TV screen.

(B) A 3-dimensional imaging process is used. The screen is divided into two unmarked regions; a bounded region R located at the center position, and a larger 3-D region S containing R. Each image that appears on the screen represents a portion of a universe-wide frozen-fame.

Each universe-wide frozen-frame is pre-designed. As they development, we have been given the mental capacity to recognize that the entities displayed also satisfy certain rationally stated regulations. These regulations, the physical laws, serve three purposes. They allow us, as Scripturally required, to subdue the animals and the earth. They display, in restricted form, the major signatures that all aspects of our physical existence are designed by a higher-intelligence and, from this, they indirectly reveal "His eternal power and divine nature."

In the beginning, there are no visible images in either location. In Genesis 1,"ghost-like" images are used to indicate "thoughts" not physically realized. What is described is from a fixed viewpoint external to the TV screen and the viewer uses an external "time" notion - primitive time. What follows is a theological interpretation for one GGU-model universe-generating scenario. A DVD is loaded into a player and begins to produce images.

(0) [[[All results come from the activation of intelligently designed ultra-logic-systems applied to intelligently designed ultra-hypotheses. A "sustaining" process that must be continually applied to designed combinations of propertons maintains all physical processes. Distinct from the reductionism methods used in (1), it is now possible to eliminate one of the ultimate ultrawords for the four general types of cosmologies, one eternal, two modified eternal, and the one that has a beginning and ending in observer time (3). This single ultraword approach is what I now apply. All of the physical events that, in primitive time, occur prior to the creation of the "stars" ("dim twinkling lights") are represented by universe-wide frozen-frames identified by an ordered set of primitive time identifiers. Except in one case, it is not important to assume that these identifiers are not observer time identifiers. For an enteral universe with no beginning in observer time, these identifiers come sequentially prior to the non-observer primitive time beginning.]]]

The following is but one of various types of DVD-illustrated behaviors that satisfy Biblical statements. There are other possibilities. The one presented here is a simplified version. Please note, however, that I use the "rapid-formation model'" (RFM) as one of two possibilities and either can yield all known cosmologies.

There have been various interpretations as to the "beginning" of day-one. Genesis 1.1 gives an overview of what is to come next. The Hebrew translated as "heaven" can also be translated as "heavens." Without any other "number" being stated, this term when interpreted as a plural implies two items. Although the Bible does mention the third heaven and the composition of the first heaven, there is no mention as to the purpose or composition of the implied second heaven. The reason for this may be that, at that time in human history, there was neither a language nor concepts that allowed for a reasonable description.

In this theological interpretation, I consider the second heaven as composed of all of the created GGU-model entities and processes that have not been defined as physical. These carry the prefix "ultra," or "hyper" among a few other special names, and include all pre-designed *developmental paradigms (event sequences), *instruction-sets, propertons, info-fields and relations between entities that are termed as GGU-model processes. If compared to observer-time, the second heaven can be considered as being created during a zero-length observer-time interval between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2. Recall that pre-design signifies the thoughts that are transformed into various realities.

(0.5) (In all that follows, the term "earth" or "Earth" refers to the entire "globe" both the water and non-water part, the third planet from the Sun.) Day-one begins suddenly at the instant the second heaven is formed. (Various choices are possible.) As described in the Genesis 1 article, the waters and Earth of Genesis 1:2 are in two GGU-model special ghost-like forms that suddenly appear in R.

The form in which the ghost-like water appears is a type of confused animation. It is a prototype that illustrates the notation that such entities such as the *instruction-sets need to be produced in order to create, for us, comprehensible behavior. If you pause the DVD and then you push the "next" button a few times you see that the image seems to correspond to no known observed behavior. Hence, although the water appears to be structured, the chaotic behavior occurs for a few of the next "frames." No comprehensible physical processes are occurring. The term "chaos" or "confusion" is used to indicate this. The basic LXX translation for such behavior reads, "unsightly and unfinished." But, for something to be classified as "confused" requires it to be compared with other forms. Hence, most likely, the behavior of water at the time Genesis 1:2 was transcribed indicates that, when it is first mentioned, it is far from behaving in any of the forms experienced.

Relative to the forthcoming Earth, one of the meanings for the phrase "without form" is that an item has not been formed into an observed and specifically identified object. The term "void" can mean empty, a form of nothingness. This is modeled directly by the notion that the original Earth was not, as yet, physically realized. [[Intuitively, the term "energized" can used in place or "realized."]] Physical realization occurs when the realization operator is applied. Hence, for Genesis 1.2, I choice this unrealized state. This applies to the water portion as well since its alteration, as do all entities, requires that the realization operator be applied.

(1) Day-one continued. (This is a change from my previous interpretation. The next few portions are take from the Genesis 1 article.) Yet the Spirit of God is brooding over the surface of the water.

Here the "Spirit," rûach, is indeed an invisible entity but, for comprehension, it always needs to carry the additional notion of being the "origin of God's mental actions, the origin of His thoughts." This is the needed comparison with the concept as related to the human being, where, in this context, it corresponds to the origin of our mental action, our thoughts. ("Let us make man in our own image." This, of course, means aspects of God that are comparable.) I am very aware of the problem that develops when one attempts to clearly understand, via a translated word or phrase, what the early Hebrews meant relative to the human soul, nephese, (some say spirit). One idea is that, in various verses, it means an "inner self," as compared with the "outer appearance." Certainly, one major aspect of our "inner self" is our thoughts, our thinking. This human aspect is often not revealed by our appearance. Further, from the GGU-model construction, all human thoughts are known to God, there is a medium through which communication takes place, and He and other entities can mentally influence us. Whether or not this includes an "everlasting" invisible human spirit as a major part of God's creation has no affect upon the aspects of human thought presented here.

The actual movement notion is next and it corresponds to how a bird prepares its eggs so that they will hatch. The "brooding" is usually translated as "moving, vibrating" and other such terms. However, these miss the mark since the term means doing such a procedure but with "tender loving care." Thus, with loving care, God is preparing to "hatch" His creation.

It is during this period that all of the GGU-model mechanisms are created. Nothing is yet realized. No observer time transpires. There is a two stage process employed. "Creation" of the concepts and then realization. There is no need to add further to the Genesis 1 article for the first day. Various Biblically described entities first appear in a ghost-like form. For the remainder creation days, the operative phrase "it was so," triggers the realization process and on the screen the entities that previously appeared in a ghost-like form now appear as fully realized.

(2) Day-two. The water is divided into two parts. During this creation-day, the firmament is a portion of the GGU-model's "ultra-properton field" (a classical field concept). The field exists at all points where physical entities exist. It is from this field that the "waters above" and "waters below" emerge. At this moment in physical creation, the field between these waters can be considered as "inactive" in that, as yet, no physical entities are present. (In this illustration, no other entities are "observable.") This field is not part of a physical universe and has certain "simple" properties. Its extent can be measured by simple linear means with a beginning point at or "near" to the Earth, can have no finite measurement as to size, or its extent need not be considered.

The "waters above," at any moment in its development, are collections of all the necessary propertons that yield actual H2O molecules in realized form. For absolute consistency in method, the "waters above" act as a type of "place holder" for the objects that appear within our local environment. The properton firmament can be considered as "hard" as well as flexible. For an expanding universe, it is this field that "expands" or even accelerates, and from which the expansion of a physical universe follows. If viewed from "inside" the soon to be produced universe, the universe can be considered as "on" the firmament although, as mentioned, "in" the firmament is also a significant way to describe the relation. For this Genesis interpretation, there will be an expansion take place and it is activated via firmament properties.

(3) Day-three. The R region's waters "below" appear in distinct regions in R and the "dry" land suddenly appears in mature or functional form. That is, a portion of the waters below are transformed into or more likely replaced by the dry earth. The remaining water, as stated, forms the Earth's seas. Then the objects described in Genesis 1: 11-12 appear in mature or functional form. Hence, the original Earth is realized in a mature form by application of the realization operator. When the universe is created, it is noticed that the waters and Earth in R are slowly rotating relative to a stationary firmament. Using "hour" units, this measure is a 24-hour rotation period. The result of these R region formations is termed as the "original Earth."

(It is during day-three that the original Earth is physically realized. And, significantly, it is during day-three that vegetation such as grass, herbs, fruit trees, etc. appear. Other biological entities appear in mature or functional form during day-five and day-six. Once again these items are first in covirtual form and then the forms are activated. One can distort the intended meaning here by claiming that there is a gap in day-one where a more extensive earth is formed over many "years." This completely alters the logical implications that the sequence of creation-days is trying to convey. God creates a very special original Earth that is distinct from any other such object that may appear in the created day-four external universe. Those that adhere to such a gap theory are altering what the Biblical statements clearly imply. Using this tactic, they fit their theory to an altered Bible. This tactic I do not apply.)

(3.5) First part of day-four. During this creation-day, at the least, the Sun and Moon appear in R in mature or functional form and the day-three entities continue to develop in R relative to "rotation-time." Within the Bible "water" is used as a transitional medium for certain significant physical and spiritual changes. For consistency in method, the "waters above" are transformed into these two and probably other local environment objects. By implication, day-four can also be when other solar system entities are formed.

(3.5-4 and additional relative information.) After the basic contents of the Earth, its local environment and the original exterior universe are produced, Adam and Eve are created and they reside in Eden. The arguments that there is no animal physical death are compelling and I accept them. Due to this feature, it is necessary that physical entities such as the Sun, Moon and "stars" (the observed "dim twinkling lights") be created as "everlasting" entities. The external universe can come about via the properton field properties and the Biblical description for its creation implies that this portion of the field displays a heat signature. Specific alterations in the original cosmology occur when God removes the features that yield everlasting physical life due to the Fall of humanity.

The firmament is the activated portion of the properton field, which is only physical-like not physical. it is the object from which all physical entities emerge. From the physical-like viewpoint, it is infinitely dense. It is viewed when first created as being "unfolded" like a curtain, as mentioned in Isaiah 40:22, rather than being stretched out like an elastic body. As a curtain or tent unfolds it covers an increasingly larger and larger region. This is the "heaven," the expanse, from which all other material aspects of the universe emerge. Various authors tend to call such an expanse "space" but fail to define "space" as produced by any physical-like entity although they claim that it may "expand." This expanding space carries along with it material aspects of the universe. Or, the space itself need not expand but rather physical entities are simply separating one from another due to additional field properties. So, does the universe expand as a whole or are material movements all caused by other physical processes?

There are differences in interpretations as to the meanings of the Biblical terms dealing with being "stretched out." Does the Biblical notion mean an actual "stretching" like a piece of elastic material or does it mean to lay out or to unfold a fixed expanse? Some authors state that the phrase "like a curtain" or "like a tent" means that the expanse or universe does not stretch since a curtain or tent does not stretch.

The problem is with the use of the term "like" or phrase "as a" and the fact that for these notions, the term "curtain" and "tent," are similes. Hence, the expanse most be different in the main from these material objects and, yet, have a few similar properties. Observationally, the drawing of a curtain can, indeed, appear as an elastic-like stretching. The notion of stretching out a "tent" as used in say Isaiah 40.22 is more relative to the "dwelling in" or "living in" notion than the laying out of such a material object. Since there is some uncertainty, this is why the present illustration is tentative in character. Many years ago I showed how a universe-wide time-fracture can completely alter the development of a universe and we could not know via any physical means "what came before" this alteration. (See added references (A) and (B).)

Relative to some creationary cosmologies, there is a contradiction in their basic construction. As stated, the strict Biblical interpretation used by most creationists requires Eden to be located on the original Earth. In [4] relative to the created world prior to the Fall, there was "no hunger, no struggle for existence, no suffering, and certainly no death of animal or human life any where in God's perfect creation (plant "life," created as food for men and animals, does not "die" in the Biblical sense.)"

Via trivial implication, this everlasting form of a perfect life as Biblically described could not rationally occur unless, at least, the created Sun, Moon and the starlight are everlasting. This requires that the physical aspects of these entities as accepted by most creationists are incorrectly stated. The regulations that some creationists claim satisfy the original creationary scenario relative to the Sun, Moon and starlight, do not satisfy the requirement that the original created entities exist in their described created state for an eternity.

However, the GGU-model is not dependent upon any form of humanly comprehensible physical regulations. Physical scientist are trained to conclude that the universe-wide frozen-frames that sequentially follow from a specific one are produced by application of physical laws. It is often difficult for them to understand that, for the GGU-model, this is NOT the case.

In order not to be considered as an unstated deception, I, at present, accept that the external universe is formed, by rapid-formation, over a miniscule period of Earth-time during day-four rather than assuming in-transit information (C). The DVD screen view is that region R appears in suspended animation. It now appears as a shimmering ghost-like region during this interval. [[[Technically, it is placed in an out-of-phase nonstandard primitive time moment usually denoted by λ.]]] This gives the appearance of the exterior universe developing around this region R and it is possible for the development to actually produce another region R' in the exact same "space" as region R. If this is the case, then, when rapid-formation ceases, region R becomes part of each succeeding universe-wide frozen-frame and region R' now takes on the ghost-like shimmering appearance and can even continue developing independent from the development of region R. Another interesting aspect of this is that the continued region R' development can be independent from that of the developing exterior universe as can the further development of region R.

In order to strongly interpret Rom. 1:20, I, at present, consider the original eternal universe to be a type-2 universe. That is, from the moment "NOW," it has a physical beginning in the past but no physical ending in the future. It is most likely infinite both in "size" and "material." This certainly indicates the vast "power" and divine character of God.

Biblically, we are allowed to do ordinary common forms of logical deduction. The attributes of God are described throughout the Bible, via various verses, and they compare God's attributes with those of humanity. They indicate things the God can do that we cannot. In all cases, the appropriate comparable attributes are exceptionally "greater than" those of His created. Relative to mental processes much Scripture indicates this.

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD. "As the heavens are higher than the earth so are my ways higher than your ways, my thoughts than your thoughts" (Isaiah 55:8-9). (Also Job 33:12 and Psalm 147:5.) In Genesis 12:8 and 3:11-13, the way that Eden is described and God's reaction to Adam and Eve's sin clearly imply the eternal nature of Eden and, necessarily, that Adam and Even would not physically die.

Thus, of great Biblical significant is that, prior to the Fall, there is no human physical death and the Sun, Moon, the local environment as well as the "stars" must have been originally designed to be eternal. Depending upon the sequence of descriptions employed, the GGU-model is the only known creationary model with this feature. The information that we can glean from physical observation after the Fall need not indicate the distinctly different pre-Fall behavior for specific physical-systems. Indeed, this can hold for the eternal cosmology and what may be a paradox, like the Olber paradox, probably has no meaning for the eternal cosmology.

We are told that "He counts the stars and calls them by name. How great he is! His power is absolute! His understanding unlimited" (Psalms 147:4-5 (LB)). As indicated for this to be an actual Divine attribute it must be a "greater" ability than that possessed by humanity. However, if Adam and Eve had not sinned, then they can conceptually count any finite number of stars. Technically, the GGU-model physical-system "numbers" He uses to count things can essentially differ from what we can use only if the material entities form an infinite set. (Although unnecessary, this satisfies the dark energy and dark matter concepts relative to General Relativity and the critical density.) Thus by simple Biblical implication His created universe is composed of infinity many physical entities.

Another reason I have selected an "infinite" material universe is that it counters the atheistic aspects of such results as Gödel's incompleteness theorem, his theorem on consistency and many of the unfounded statements made by the "intelligent" atheistic artifical-intelligence community. Paul tells us what God stated in Isaiah 29:14, "I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate" (1 Cor. 1:19).

To correspond to the "stamped-out" firmament requirement, there is a heat signature that matches this raqa notion. Under this scenario, this DVD view satisfies various regulations we can comprehend and that satisfy an "organizing " of the exterior universe. This also corresponds to a remarkable intelligent design. This is one basic reason why such a mode of formation is presented. So, that, even today, we will be without an excuse. So that, even today, physical science cannot escape from His higher-intelligence attribute. Indeed, this is even more so after the Fall. The RFM process ends at a moment in its development that corresponds to 6,000 to 8,000 years ago when the Earth and its local environment are inserted.

"Cursed is the ground because of you" (Genesis 3:17). This is followed by an alteration in the physical existence of Adam and Eve. When the Fall of humanity occurs, it is then when physical entities acquire a "death" feature. The pre-designed universe-wide frozen-frame images for the continued development of these entities satisfy describable physical laws that we can comprehend. Along with the original requirement to subdue the earth, these knowable regulations serve as a reminder of how sin has led to death via general physical deterioration. Most likely expansion and probabilistic behavior are introduced. This yields degenerating physical entities via the now imposed probabilistic behavior and, for biological entities, the additional feature of biological micro-mutation. Under the expansion property, the universe is headed towards "heat death." Thus, after the Fall, the selected pre-design includes a deteriorating universe that is most likely satisfied by the statistical aspects of quantum theory. This alteration can have signatures displayed by in-transit photon behavior. The redshift can imply that expansion is introduced and a second signature can indicate that the alteration is suddenly and purposefully introduced due to the Fall.

Each universal-wide frozen-frame comes about via other pre-designed cosmologies that are mentally created so as to correspond to what is necessary to correlate to human choice. This is an additional feature of the required participator universe. This is an important feature that, at present, only the GGU-model solves.

At each moment of observer-time when any aspect of human behavior occurs, an appropriate universe-wide frozen-frame from a pre-designed universe is realized. But, importantly, this universe-wide frozen-frame is a member of an event sequence that includes all of the previous realized physical events as well as physical-like events. This cumulative event sequence, in its original covirtual form, does not cease to exist. Indeed, it acts like a "history" file. I point out that in both cases the notion of a "spatial morphing border" as discussed (1, p. 178) is eliminated.

For further details on the functioning of the rapid-formation model, see rfm.htm.

For my RFM selection, after this moment, if during the next creation days and through the Flood the development of the universe's physical-systems external to R are compared with the development of the physical-systems in R, then various external-universe physical-processes are not replicated within region R. This is a GGU-model possibility since the physical events are sequentially describable. Again I mention that they are not produced by physical laws. These processes simply satisfy various physical regulations.

Throughout the continued DVD illustrations living organisms develop in what appears to be various forms. All aspects of these variations are pre-designed. As shown on this website, claimed "random" alterations are actually "mindom" alterations in that they can satisfy probabilistic statements but no actual random behavior leads to these variations. I use a "three-world" approach to biological variation. Type-one biological "kinds" prior to the Fall are very narrow in scope. In general, they are those entities that are originally designed to physical procreate. The phrase "after its kind" is used ten times in Genesis 1. Some consider the somewhat vague notion that a "kind" is a category that indicates a "common ancestry." There is no detailed Biblical definition for this term. Indeed, consistent with the original exhibited physical laws for the Earth, there are no "evolutionary" styled variations in the designs from their original formation until the Fall.

After the Fall and through the Flood, the type-one kinds were expanded to allow for additional variations within these kinds - the type-two kinds. These variations now allow for physical death. After the Flood, the kinds continue to correspond to the pairs that entered the Ark. Under additional physical regulations, behavior within these kinds is again expanded - the type-three kinds - so as to correspond to "some" of the pre-designed variations that occur for other possible life-forms discussed in my "Final Person Statement." However, no kind category that was on the Ark will loose, via unaided physical processes, its identifying features.

Under no circumstances do I accept that entities are to be classified as members of a particular kind based only upon assumed non-biblical hypotheses. This is contrary to the scientific method. Hypotheses are indirectly verified if there is a preponderance of actual evidence that satisfies their predictions. Such a verification is not an absolute test that the hypotheses are fact. Further, adding evidence that does not actually exist because it conforms to a theory and stating that this verifies a theory is specifically forbidden not only by the scientific method but also by the rules of logic.

(5) All the remaining creation-day entities appear in mature or functional form in R. The Bible states in Genesis 2:2 that God ceased all His work after day-six. The notions of "ceases" and "work" must be included in this model. But, from what "work" does He cease? It is His creationary work. This model specifies that God's creationary work includes the creation of all the processes, constituents and all collections of events sequences necessary for His purposes. To sustain His creation, He does not do "creationary" work. Further, these processes can generally be described as "transforming thoughts into physical reality." I consider the "knowledge of" physical reality as equivalent to the actual physical reality in this higher-intelligence case and this corresponds to the final intelligently designed created process "St." [[Recall that the GGU-model processes also model Heb. 1:3, where the notion of "sustained" means, at least, a mentally spoken word used to reproduce in a step-by-step manner the development of a physical universe.]]

The model satisfies the requirement that God has knowledge of all past, present and future events. In review, each alteration in the created universe that He allows is created in the form of covirtual event sequences. Under the strict verb form "to create," it is the created processes that are used to produce physical realizations. I consider the final realization as but another way to describe the result of these processes. What is presented here is an analogue model "for behavior." It may be the only way that we can otherwise comprehend God's creationary activities.

(6) After the Fall of man, as verified by Genesis 3:14-19, and as mentioned, some physical laws that appear to govern region R and we can use for predictions are altered.

(7) Things continue in this fashion until the Flood.

For this creation scenario, the mathematical model states that there can be many other unrealized universes that correspond to the realized external-universe. Within these unrealized universes are various R-type regions that correspond in their entirety to the governing processes that yield the images in S. These unrealized R-type regions are termed "ancient earths with their local environment." (An ancient earth serves a specific purpose and it corresponds to a basic Biblical concept. This is discussed in my other belief statements.) Further, the event sequences can include all other Biblical alterations in universe behavior. [[When the term "all" or "every" is used it is not related to "fact" unless it is qualified. To what collection does the word refer? Often the collection is supposed to be understood by the reader. The term as used in Genesis 1 - 8 relative to biological entities is, for me, clearly restricted to the original Earth and its local environment. Biological type entities that God may have designed for the external universe, and this is not prohibited, for consistency are confined to the third-type of kind category. But, the original kinds category is not altered. For example, the kinds category that started with Adam and Eve does not trace back to some other distinct kinds category.]]

After day-four, the external universe, with region R, are members of a library of universes as discussed in (1 p. 156). This library models participator alterations. In this application of the GGU-model, this library includes all participator alterations, if any. Consistent with the physical laws we observe today and for comprehension, this library also includes universes with various physical-system combinations of entities within the R-region and entities within the other R-type regions

There are various Flood models that have been purposed. Many of these Flood models satisfy the physical laws, at least partially, that are associated with the selected external universe. They are all GGU-model possibilities. In Genesis 6:13, God states that He will not only destroy the life on the land but also ruin (destroy) the "earth." One model states that during the Flood itself the original Earth and its local environment are replaced with the images from a different DVD in the library with the following features. (I discuss, in my last personal statement, Biblical implications that imply this substitution process.) An after-the-Flood event sequence yields material evidence that there is a mingling of evidence from the original (young) Earth with its local environment and that of an ancient earth with its local environment. This evidence verifies that the Earth prior to the Flood and the Flood itself existed. Rather obvious comparatively young evidence may be found mingled or even intertwined with "ancient" evidence at the same location. For this model, the Bible implies that our current earth was physically realized about 4500 years ago in terms of earth rotation time.

After the Flood and except for "miraculous events," the current earth with its local environment continues to develop in concert with the development occurring in S. There is mingled evidence that indirectly verifies this model and its implications. For the GGU-model theological interpretation, all of the events discussed above are pre-designed "in the mind of God" so-to-speak. This DVD illustration satisfies Romans 1:20. It, at the least, indicates God's exceptional creationary power, His higher-intelligence and His knowledge of the past, present and future. [[Recall that, theologically, the GGU-model processes can be defined as created processes that transform God's "thoughts" into physical reality.]]

For both technical and Biblical verifications that justify this DVD illustration, please begin with this Personal Statement. These personal statements should help to answer many Biblical and physical-science related questions.


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