This book presents the simplest possible approach to this subject. However, it may require a little extra effort and study to comprehend, at an appropriate depth, what is often totally new material. Indeed, appropriate experience with modes of "analytical thinking" is necessary. The important "Description and The Contents" contains the "educational requirements". This article, as well as others presented on this web site, contains the exact facts as to the book's contents. Reviews, pro or con, that appear at various web sites are a poor method to determine whether a book is a good investment. The reviews are often presented for philosophic reasons that do not correspond to a book's actual merits or they may be written by individuals without the appropriate training. I suggest that most readers will find the softcover version as the best first investment.

You can order the first revision from the Xulon Press through most bookstores. For immediate on-line ordering of the softcover or hardcover edition from Barnes and Noble, click Softcover or Hardcover. The book is also available from other online retailers such as, Hardcover or Softcover

For a discussion on the insignificance of RID, see RID. GID analysis employs an interpretation of the General Theory of Everything (a cosmogony), the GGU-model (General Grand Unification Model). A description of the GGU-model, the intelligent design conclusions and much, much more can be found in Science Declares Our Universe IS Intelligently Designed (Xulon Press). (Certain information can be found only in this book.) Although none of the actual mathematics appears in this corrected version, a large amount of new material is presented. This book is for instruction. It presents an illustrated and simplified approach to the technically produced conclusions. However, you will need experience in reading and studying college level scientific discourse. Please consider this Partial Description and the Contents page.

A simple computer-like illustration of a fundamental GGU-model process. Also, additional information about General Intelligent Design and links to significant articles can be found at index 8 on the main page.

Although the material in this book is still applicable and can be very useful, a complete model has now been achieved. However, this refinement is rather technical in nature. For further guidance, see this monograph. A glossary of GGU-model terms. Specific evidence that verifies GID. Of theological interest is the short Who is Jesus? description.

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