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Contents of Book 1.

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CONTENTS. CHAPTER 1: 1.1 Introduction.

CHAPTER 2: ( The Propositional Calculus); 2.1 Constructing a Language by Computer; 2.2 The Propositional Language; 2.3 Slight Simplification, Size, Common Pairs; 2.4 Model Theory - Basic Semantics; 2.5 Valid Formula; 2.6 Equivalent Formula; 2.7 The Denial, Normal Form, Logic Circuits; 2.8 The Princeton Project, Valid Consequences; 2.9 Valid Consequences; 2.10 Satisfaction and Consistency; 2.11 Proof Theory; 2.12 Demonstrations, Deduction from Premises; 2.13 The Deduction Theorem; 2.14 Deducibility Relations; 2.15 The Completeness Theorem; 2.16 Consequence Operators; 2.17 The Compactness Theorem.
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Chapter 3: (Predicate Calculus); 3.1 First-Order Language; 3.2 Free and Bound Variable Occurrences 3.3 Structures; 3.4 Valid Formula in Pd; 3.5 Valid Consequences and Models; 3.6 Formal Proof Theory; 3.7 Soundness and Deduction Theorem for Pd'; 3.8 Consistency, Negation Completeness, Compactness; 3.9 Ultralogics and Natural Systems; Appendix for Chapter 2, Chapter 3; Index of Terms; Answers to Exercises.

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