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Contents of Book 2

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First Manual Contents

Cover pages, Contents.

Chapter 1 Introduction. 1.1 A Brief History; 1.2 Manual construction.

Chapter 2 . Infinitesimals, Limited And Infinite Numbers. 2.1 Some Notation and Definitions; 2.2 Basic Algebra; 2.3 Euclidean N-spaces; 2.4 The Standard Part Operator; 2.5 A Slight Quandary.

Chapter 3. Some Set Theory, Convergence And Leibniz' Principle. 3.1 Some Set Theory; 3.2 Convergence; 3.3 Constants and More Constants; 3.4 The Leibniz' Principle of *-transfer; 3.5 A Few Simple Applications.

Chapter 4. Some Modeling With The Infinite Numbers. 4.1 Historical Confusion; 4.2 The Internal Definition Principle; 4.3 Hyperfinite Summation; 4.4 Continuity and a Few Examples.

Chapter 5. Standard Rules For Integral Modeling. 5.1 The Riemann Styled Integral; 5.2 The Infinite Sum Theorems; 5.3 Extensions; 5.4 Applications and The Standard Modeling Rules; 5.5 Extensions of the Standard Rules.

Chapter 6. Nonstandard Rules For Integral Modeling. 6.1 Historical Examples; 6.2 The Monadic Environment; 6.3 Simple Applications; 6.4 The Method of Constants; 6.5 The Hyperfinite Method; 6.6 Instruction; 6.7 Realism. Chapter 7. Pure Infinitesimal Integral Modeling. 7.1 Brief Discussion; 7.2 Geometric Elements.

Chapter 8. Refinements For Integral Modeling. 8.1 A Very General Approach; 8.2 The Line Integral; 8.3 Order Ideals and Approximations; 8.4 nth Order Increments; 8.5 Microgeometry - Tangents to Curves; 8.6 Microgeometry - Surface Elements; 8.7 Microgeometry - Other Stuff; 8.9 Gauge Integrals.

File 1. (523K pdf)

Chapter 9. The Beginnings Of Differential Equation Modeling. 9.1 Brief Discussion; 9.2 The Limit; 9.3 Fluxions and Dynamic Geometry; 9.4 Fluxions and Higher Order Infinitesimals; 9.5 What is a Tangent? 9.6 What is a (k-surface) Osculating Plane? 9.7 Curvature.

Chapter 10. The Differential And Physical Modeling. 10.1 Basic Properties; 10.2 Some General Observations; 10.3 Vibrating Membrane; 10.4 Internal Heat Transfer; 10.5 Concluding Remarks.


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Second Manual - Elementary Physics - Contents

Cover Page, Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction. 1.1Brief Comments; 1.2 Manual Structure.

Chapter 2. Mechanics. 2.1 Instantaneous Velocity; 2.2 Acceleration; 2.3 Forces and Newton's Law; 2.4 Vectors; 2.5 Energy and Force Fields; 2.6 General Impulse.

Chapter 3. Slightly Less Basic Mechanics. 3.1 Mass; 3.2 Moments and Center of Mass; 3.3 Point Masses; 3.4 Standard Rules.

References, Special Symbols.

Third Manual - Generalized Functions (Distributions)

1. Additional Modeling Concepts; 2. Generalized Functions; 3. Some Abstract Algebra; 4. Functionals on T; 5. Schwarz Generalized Functions; 6. "Continuity;" 7. Pre-generalized functions and S-continuity; 8. Generalized Functions and Beyond.

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Useful Images

These four drawings may be useful for four applications that appear in this book.

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