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Contents of Book 3.

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Cover Page 1 and Cover Page 2 (39KB).

A Few Preliminary Remarks (31KB).

Contents (52KB).

Chapter 1 (151KB). Intuitive Concepts. 1.1 The Alphabet, Words, and Choice Sets; 1.2 Readable Sentences; 1.3 Human Deduction.

Chapter 2 (162KB). The G-Structure. 2.1 A Basic Construction; 2.2 A Remark About 2.1; 2.3 The Nonstandard Structure; 2.4 General Interpretations; 2.5 Sets of Behavior Patterns.

File 1

Chapter 3 (148KB). Deductive Processes. 3.1 Introduction; 3.2 The Identity Process; 3.3 Adjective Reasoning; 3.4 Propositional Reasoning; 3.5 Modus Ponens Reasoning; 3.6 Predicate Deduction.

Chapter 4 (143KB). Special Deductive Processes. 4.1 Introduction; 4.2 Reasoning From the Perfect Type W; 4.3 Strong Reasoning From the Perfect; 4.4 Order.

Chapter 5 (130KB). Consequence Operators. 5.1 Basic Definitions; 5.2 Basic sigma Properties; 5.3 Major Results; 5.4 Applications. 5.5

Chapter 6 (119KB). Associated Material. 6.1 Perception; 6.2 Existence; 6.3 An Alternate Approach. References for Chapters 1 - 6.

File 2.

Chapter 7 (117KB), and Chapter 7a (170KB). Developmental Paradigms. 7.1 Introduction; 7.2 Developmental Paradigms; 7.3 Ultrawords; 7.4 Ultracontinuous Deduction; 7.5 Hypercontinuous Gluing; References for Chapter 7.

Chapter 8 (92KB). A Special Application. 8.1 A Neutron Altering Process; References for Chapter 8.

Chapter 9 (128KB). NSP-World Alphabets. 9.1 An Extension; 9.2 NSP-World Alphabets; 9.3 General Paradigms; 9.4 Interpretations; 9.5 A Barrier to Knowledge; References for Chapter 9.

File 3.

Chapter 10 (160KB). Laws, Rules and Other Things. 10.1 More on Ultrawords; 10.2 Laws and Rules; References for Chapter 10.

Chapter 11(136KB), and Chapter 11a (130KB). "Things." 11.1 Propertons (Subparticles); 11.2 Ultraenergetic Propertons; 11.3 More on Propertons; 11.4 MA-model; References for Chapter 11.

9909078.pdf Additional Properton Properties.



File 4.

A smaller font version can be found at http://arxiv.org/abs/math.GM/9903081

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