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Contents of Book 4.

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Article 1. Foundations and Corrections to Einstein's Special and General Theories of Relativity, Part 1. 1. Introduction; 2. Some Ether History; 3. The Calculus; 4. Relativity and Logical Error; 5. A Privileged Observer; 6. The Fock Criticism and Other Significant Matters; 7. Why Different derivations? 8. A Corrected Derivation; References for part 1.

Article 2. A Corrected Derivation for the Special Theory of Relativity. 1. The Fundamental Postulates; 2. Pre-derivation Comments; 3. The Derivation; 4. The Time Continuum; 5. Standard Light-clocks and c; 6. Infinitesimal Light-clock Analysis; 7. An Interpretation; 8. A Speculation; 9. Reciprocal Relations; Notes; References.

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Article 3. Foundations and Corrections to Einstein's Special and General Theories Relativity, Part 2. 1. Some Special Theory Effects; 2. General Effects; 3. Relativistic Alterations; 4. Gravitational Alterations; 5. Substratum Analysis; 6. Minimizing Singularities; 7. Speculative Applications; Prior to Expansion, Expansion and Pseudo-White Hole Effects; Notes; References to part 2. Index.

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