Your Endangered Mind: The Great Scientific Deception. (Christian version abstract)

Robert A. Herrmann Ph. D.

This significant book has been translated into HTML and, to reduce the number of printed pages, it is presented in standard font size and face. This book is written in two parts. The first part details how almost all news media and secular educational and scientific organizations are using specific linguistic techniques in order to present statements, which carry the additional content that the statements are true in reality whereas no such "truth" can be asserted scientifically. You are given specific methods to recognize and counter this devastating conspiracy.

[Note: This on-line book discusses the original MA-model and does not include the GGU-model Intelligent Design discussion. The MA-model is but one aspect of the GGU-model. For a detailed discussion of the most recent and most startling GGU-model research results, please consider the book "Science Declares Our Universe IS Intelligently Designed" [Xulon Press(2002)]] BE ADVISED, this book has NOT been revised to any great degree so as to include any of the more recent GGU-model developments.

The second part gives a simple and non-mathematical description for the construction and applications of the MA-model, applications that reveal not only the destructive mind controlling scheme described in the first part but also that our universe and everything that exists within it were created by mechanisms that mirror the behavior of an infinitely powerful mind. This is the first and only known scientific cosmogony. This book explains, by use of a simple language and illustrations, how the MA-model solves the General Grand Unification problem, a solution that the "physics" community does not want you to know exists. In this book, you will also find the answers to two of the most basic questions in Natural science. How was our universe created and of what is "empty" space composed? Hundreds of Bible statements relative to the "mind of God" are verified by the MA-model and this shows, from a Scriptural perspective, that the "infinitely powerful mind" mentioned above is a description for God as He is described within the Bible. Over 100 specific Bible statements are quoted. These facts partially explain why the MA-model's solution to this fundamental problem and the MA-model's answers to these two questions are being purposely hidden from the general public by the scientific community although these results should have led to honors such as a "Nobel." Essentially, this model establishes that you are being lied to by the news media and many members of the scientific community. For more details, please read the preface.

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