A Summary of Some Intelligent Design Results
for the "Intelligent Agency" Interpretation and
Some Behavioral Statements Relative to the
Production of Our Physical World.

Robert A. Herrmann Ph. D.
5 JAN 2000. Last revision 20 MAR 2019.

[I must stress that the following "intelligent agency" interpretation is but one of many. The GGU-model can be interpreted in a purely physical manner. It can be truncated at various levels. As with most scientific theories, the GGU-model can also be interpreted theologically. These facts signify that each individual has a specific choice as to the appropriate interpretation. In general, an individual investigates actual philosophic or physical evidence that verifies an interpretation.]

The proper definition for "intelligent design" is not the one that appears throughout much of the public domain that concludes that some aspects of "nature" appear to have significance purposes and are too complex to be formed by known natural processes over required time spans. For this "definition," the notion of what constitutes "intelligent" design is not specifically defined via scientific means. The correct definition is the one that I purposed originally as the general intelligent design (GID) interpretation for the GGU-model. The "design" being modeled is first the verb "to design" and all patterns produced are intelligently designed. Processes are modeled by mathematical operators that produce universes, and physical-systems and physical-system behaviors within these universes. All of these processes display certain signatures. The GID-model interpretation uses these signatures to infer that universes, the physical-systems and their behaviors are intelligently deigned. These signatures display significance characteristics that model intelligent thought processes.

Any terms that appear below and are unfamiliar to you are defined completely in my book "Science Declares Our Universe IS Intelligently Designed" (Xulon Press) and this glossary. This includes such terms or phrases as intelligence, higher-intelligence, physical-systems and many more. Everything in this summary is predicted mathematically using as hypotheses the most common features of human thought. There are no additional philosophic or theological assumptions made. There is no "hand waving." All results are obtained by strict mathematical reasoning, where the mathematics itself is not in this book but available in published journal form or from the arxiv.org or vixra.org archives. The following are some of the scientifically rational statements for which there is a vast amount of indirect evidence.


(1) A higher-intelligence has designed a unification for all of the physical theories and laws that govern the behavior for each physical-system within our universe. This unification uses an intelligently designed process that coordinates all such physical theories and laws as well as most perturbed behavior not predicted by these theories.

(2) Physical-system behavior that is predicted by any physical theory or physical law is designed by a higher-intelligence. When this higher-intelligence is restricted to our physical world, it exhibits many of the same properties as exhibited by human intelligence.

(3) The behavior of a physical-system that appears to behave in a random manner but follows a specific probabilistic model is designed by a higher-intelligence. There is a higher-intelligence that coordinates all such physical-systems that behave in this manner.

(4) There is an intelligently designed process that yields an underlying rational unification for all developing physical-systems for various universes.

(5) A higher-intelligence has designed a process that coordinates all perturbations that are not coordinated by the process in (1). Moreover, the results of all these designed processes are intelligently designed by a higher-intelligence.

(6) In general, a higher-intelligence sustains or guides all physical-system behavior.

The Complete GGU-model generated Eden Model rationally satisfies the following:


(1) Every creationary event described in Genesis 1 is a rational event. All described physical patterns and objects are designed by a higher-intelligence.

(2) Events during the creation-days occur exactly as strictly interpreted. The objects mentioned in each creation-day description appear rather suddenly in mature and functional form.

(3) The entire universe exterior to the Earth and its created local environment is produced during day-four over a miniscule day-four Earth-time interval or even over a zero-length time interval and originally satisfies the eternal requirement.

(4) The Genesis Flood occurred exactly as strictly interpreted. Today, the earth and its local environment display evidence that the Flood did occur.

(5) Using the rules for indirect evidence, during each second of atomic-clock time our universe, the earth and its local environment display trillions and trillions of events that indirectly verifies that all of the above statements and many more are fact.

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