For Theology, Important Aspects of Paper Journal Publications

Robert A. Herrmann, Ph.D.
22 JUL 2011. Slightly revised 29 JAN 2016.

Paper journals, in general, are published for specific audiences. It is well know that they discriminate philosophically. This I needed to do whenever I refereed a paper. A paper must, at the least, satisfy a journal's philosophic requirements. This is especially so with hypotheses that are only indirectly verifiable. In quantum physics and cosmology, there are alternatives to the standard theories and these predict the same evidence. If any of the foundations for these alternate theories counters the prevailing hypotheses for a standard one or counters a philosophic stance, it will not appear in any journal designed to uphold a different theory or philosophic stance.

For economic reasons, there have been few paper journals for small audiences. With the introduction of Internet publication, and various archives, these few paper journals have ceased publication. It is inappropriate to present, in any paper journal, applications for the mathematics presented that are rather trivial and specialized and only of interest to a small audience. Hence, relative to theology, no such applications appear in the paper mathematical science journals that present the mathematical foundations for the General Grand Unification Model (GGU-model) and the General Intelligent Design Model (GID-model). The papers that present technical aspects for these two models are so marked in my publications article.

Theological applications have appeared in two very specialized creationary science journals. However, as with paper science journals, these two journals are discriminatory. They do not present papers that they deem damaging to the previous theoretical constructs that they have popularized. This has occurred to me with my attempts to publish information relative to the Rapid-Formation Model that shows that most articles they have previously published in the area of cosmology are of no theological significance. One basic reason for this website has been and continues to be that it is a source of accurate information that counters the misrepresentation of my work and to present material that is current.

Due to the complex nature of the mathematics, it takes years of effort to find the words and illustrations that can aid in comprehension. Thus, material on this website is often refined and new insights presented on a daily basis. In general, journals in the physical sciences do not present immediate research findings as can a specialized website.

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