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"A highly significant and extraordinary scientific achievement," Hale Roberts.
"An unprecedented scientific achievement," D. Bump.

Using the scientific methods of physical cosmology, the mathematical models discussed have various interpretations: (1) intelligent design via an higher-intelligence, (2) substratum universe producing processes, (3) combinations of (1) and (2), and (4) theological.

(1) (GID) General Intelligent Design or Pre-design is an "higher" form of the "ability to reason" definition for the term "intelligence." Specifically, the standard form is a finite step-by-step pattern for deductive reasoning that is modeled via an ordered form of propositional deduction as applied to a sequence of conditional statements, "If C, then E." The rule for such deduction is known as modus ponens or the law of detachment. Specifically, if you are given statement C, then you "deduce" statement E.

The terminology General Intelligent Design, General ID and GID must not be confused with other forms of ID mentioned on the Internet. GID is NOT dependent upon any rationally presented physical law. When General ID is discussed, the modifier "General" may not appear. In that case, the context indicates the type of ID being discussed.

When restricted to various described systems, a standard "general intelligent design or pre-design" sequence of conditional statements is modeled by a "logic-system" and general language descriptions. The logic-system rationally yields the step-by-step pattern. We display such modeled step-by-step patterns of deductive conclusions throughout our daily physical activities.

Other rational aspects of a system description are also considered as intelligently designed or pre-designed. The higher-intelligence form of design or pre-design is mathematically predicted from the standard form of such step-by-step deductions as we perform them. Higher-intelligence properties are fully detailed and illustrated within articles on this website.

(4) Higher-intelligent agency has many Biblical characteristics. Further, it is established that the Biblical God is a rational concept. However, changing the word "agency" to "agent" is a personal choice.

Relative to (1), for an entity, the GID-model is a model for behavior that we cannot, at present, otherwise comprehend. Relative to (4), mathematical modeling has established the rationality of significant theological concepts, among these is a strict Genesis 1 interpretation. This fact counters the atheists pronouncements that such concepts are "irrational." Further, relative to the more recent Restricted ID (RID) popularized by the Discovery Institute, Stephen Meyer states on their website that "The [(RID)] theory of intelligent design does not offer an interpretation of the book of Genesis." Indeed, RID points to no specific "designer." Note that this GID website also contains information not directly related to intelligent design nor the General Grand Unification (GGU)-model.

In 1978, via Nonstandard Analysis, it was established that the non-creationary aspects of the Biblical God are scientifically rational. This counters false statements made by various atheistic philosophers and scientists. This is a brief discussion of these facts and a challenge to the atheistic and the liberal church critics of my work.

The General Grand Unification Model (GGU-model)

In 1979, I began constructing the only known mathematically based "Theory of Everything" - The General Grand Unification (GGU) Model. This theory does not hypothesize. It predicts from observed behavior (the data) various processes that can produce and sustain the development not merely of our universe but of infinitely many other universes as well. It is not dependent upon "physical law." In 1974, members of the Mathematics and Physics Departments of Princeton University declared that they knew of no way to solve the GGU-problem; that is, to find a cosmogony that satisfies the Wheeler requirements for a pregeometry. Via Nonstandard Analysis, the GGU-model satisfies all of the requirements and is a viable scientific theory. The original GGU-model is an analogue model based upon linguistics and concepts from Mathematical Logic.

The GGU-model yields the first mathematical model that rationally predicts that the production of and alterations in the behavior of the physical-systems within a universe, at the least, have intelligent agency signatures. Further, it can be interpreted theologically. For the standard physical-systems, the GGU-model produces the entities and their behavior. It upholds the rational structure for the physical-systems and yields the rational production of a universe. The model "predicts" physical-like and other non-physical systems as well as producing "higher" rational forms for the production of such entities. Major portions of this website are devoted to the General Intelligent Design Model (the GID-model interpretation) and to a specific theological interpretation for the mathematical formalism. The secular GGU-model produces universes via ultranatural laws and the model mostly appears in various published articles. This brief history article contains significant information as to why I have chosen certain concepts to model.

The General Intelligent Design Model (GID-model)

My ID analysis (GID) also began in 1979 and is not related in method nor conclusions to the inadequate, unscientific and highly criticized Johnson-Dembski-Behe theory (RID) as championed by members of the Discovery Institute. Their concept of "intelligence" - purpose - is not a measurable scientific notion. The GID-model and GID-intelligent design is NOT the intelligent design notion symbolized by "ID" and discussed, in detail, throughout the Internet nor by Wikipedia under the heading "intelligent design."

GID-intelligent design has, from its beginning, been concerned with the rational formation of the descriptions for various events as such descriptions directly relate to the production of physical-systems, physical-like systems or other types of systems. As defined in this Brief Glossary, GID-intelligence, GID-design and GID-intelligent design is NOT related to the content of any descriptive physical law. The only relation it has to the content of a description is the rationality of the content. The mathematics can be used to present, via a basic interpretation, rational statements relative to intelligent agency and the production of physical and other forms of behavior. It is this standard approach that leads to the actual significant GID-model predicted results.

I do not contend that a predicted higher-intelligence exterior to our universe actually performs various described tasks in the manner here presented. I only contend that the higher-intelligent actions have a remarkable rational structure as behaviorally represented by the GID-model. As mentioned, changing the word "agency" to "agent" is a personal choice. This choice I have made in the cases below.

The following presents these major predicted conclusions. Further, the GID-model and the coupled GID and GGU-models (i.e. the Complete GGU-model) are scientifically falsifiable. (See Section 9. Article 3.)

Via mathematical modeling, the actions of an "higher"-intelligence are predicted from the observed rationally described step-by-step behavior of a collection of physical events. The combined GID-model and the GGU-model processes rationally predict the following statements.

Relative to the Complete GGU-model, scientific evidence indirectly verifies that (1) an higher-intelligence rationally designs and produces each material physical-event (i.e. physical-system). (2) An higher-intelligence rationally designs and produces the intertwining of the collection of material physical-systems (physical-events) that comprises each moment during the development of a universe. (3) An higher-intelligence rationally designs and produces the moment-to-moment, step-by-step, development of a universe and, hence, any alterations in the physical-systems. (4) An higher-intelligence can also rationally produce additional predicted physical-like entities and additional moment-to-moment portions of the development that can contain systems that are not composed of any defined physical entity. The "intelligence" being displayed by such an intelligent agent is composed of forms of "ordered" deductive reasoning. This mode of deductive reasoning, when restricted to the physical world, does correspond to a very basic form of human deduction. It is a measurable form. [Note: The descriptions for the Complete GGU-model cannot be fully detailed due to the "lack of knowledge" model. (See (3) under "free papers.")]

For a detailed comparison of GID with the Discover Institute's Restricted ID, RID, see this article

This detailed and highly significant article on GID Evidence discusses what are actually trillions of examples of observable physical evidence that establishes that, in restricted form, GID-intelligent design is fact.

Although such an higher-intelligence is predicted from observable facts discussed in this article, such a form of substratum intelligent behavior can simply be assumed to exist or it can be given other interpretations. Further, since GID-intelligence is specifically defined as that displayed by rational deduction, then there is a measure for the strength of the actions being taken by the higher-intelligence. The predicted higher-intelligent actions correspond to an exceptionally strong form of such deduction. Further, this higher-intelligence is predicted to produce "higher" forms of physical-events.

Note: when contextually understood in my articles, the GID prefix is often dropped. This short article discusses alterations to these statements relative to the original and the Complete GGU-models. It also discusses the slight alteration needed to obtain the probably necessary participator model statements. Further, a very general theological interpretation is given.

Relative to theology, the General Grand Unification Model (GGU-model), its recent refinements and a GID theological interpretation form a model for processes that, in their combined and most general form, establish that the described Biblical attributes and behavior of God are scientifically rational in content. Further, the modeled creationary processes can be rationally described as the transforming of God's thoughts, via ultrawords, into various realities. Although not specifically based upon any Biblical statements, this GID theological interpretation establishes the rationality of various Biblical statements. These include Genesis 1:1 - 8:18, Isaiah 55:8,9. Psalm 33:6,9. 93:5. 94:11. 136:5 - 8, at the least. 139:2,6,17,18. 147:5. 1 Kings 8:27. 2 Chronicles 2:5,9. Nehemiah 9:6. Jeremiah 1:5. 10:10-13. Job 9:4. 28:24. Proverbs 2:6. 3:19. John 1:1 (word = logos = complete logical account). Romans 1:20. 11:33, Revelations 10:6. Unless otherwise noted, Biblical statements are from the NIV.

This is My professional biography and this is a very short statement as to the basic foundation for my personal theological understandings of Biblical statements.

[Note: Relative to the papers that appear on this website, you may find some insignificant typographical errors that have not been removed. These testify to the facts described in the article 1A as listed in the index.]

This is the email address, drrah@hotmail.com, for this website. As to the contents of your e-mail, please be specific in the subject heading. If the subject heading does not convey the intent of the e-mail, then no further e-mails will be accepted from your account. Hostile reviews of my articles and books.

The above book is a useful introduction to the GGU and GID-models. It introduces you to the basic language and GGU-model concepts. It uses the view that our universe is a vast collection of physical-systems and the notion of the "ultimate ultraword." It employs the original GGU-model analogue approach. Although this remains a viable approach, considerable research has occurred since its publication.

Specifically formed ultrawords are still a major concept. The recent logic-system approach allows the contents of an ultraword to be more fully analyzed. This new approach eliminates a level of complexity and is a significant refinement. In 2013, I replaced the original GID-model and the analogue GGU-model with additional refinements. The 2013 refinements are the ones I employ in all of my articles since that time and are the models that should be employed. However, considering the basic concepts as presented in this book can improve ones comprehension.

The technical mathematics papers are listed in the appropriate articles and various versions can be retrieved from the archives listed in section 9. In order to better comprehend the GGU or GID-models, you might consider first reading this introduction.

Special Articles, Notices and Site Index

This is a Glossary of GGU-model and GID-model terms.

‡ ‡ With the exception of the Eden Model, all creationary cosmologies of which I am aware are anti-Bible. They are unacceptable since they contradict the required Eden period. The Eden Model applies the Rapid-Formation GGU-model process and, if necessary, solves the day-four starlight-and-time problem and, further, preserves the original eternal characteristics during the stated Eden time period. It predicts all of the presently observed physical-system behavior. This rather brief article, The Eden Model, describes a strict Biblically based creationary scenario through and including the post-Flood period. The complete and very detailed archived version can be found in section #15 as noted in the site index below. ‡ ‡

What is the strict meaning of Genesis 1:1 - 2:1? (The most recent revision) or 1312.0122v9 or Vixra as originally presented)

This article details the Rapid-Formation process.

The brief article What is Rational Thought? describes, for the deduced results on this website, what this concept means. The non-creationary aspects of God, as He is Biblically described, are scientifically rational. This is the less technical article and this is the complete archived article that describe the method that establishes this result. These rather complete articles give the reasons why it is important that the rationality of this God concept be established. An application of the GGU-model establishes the rationality of the creationary aspects. This significant information should be known by all of humankind. (This is a specific example of modern mathematical philosophy.)

Relative to the GGU-model and GID-model descriptions I present, the following brief article might be considered. You can easily comprehend the GID-model as presented in various articles on this website. Further, Can you do what I can do?

Mathematical modeling has established that it is rational to accept the Biblical concept that our thoughts are often influenced by immaterial entities. Indeed, this may be why you may find some of my articles difficult to comprehend. This is the entire article on mental influences, where examples and applications of this highly significant concept are presented. Indeed, in certain forms, it can best be described as actual "thought control." (This form of "thought control" is not the very well known sensory methods humans use to control the actions of other human beings.)

The pre-designed life-paths concept emerges when the GGU-model generation of an entire physical universe is considered. In this article on human behavior, they are detailed and it is shown how they and the GGU-model rationally yield both the notions of foreknowledge and absolute foreknowledge. Further, they provide a solution to the "Predestination Controversy."

To more easily understand the GGU and GID-models, certain knowledge of some standard mathematical concepts is necessary. Unfortunately, these concepts are no longer taught within the public school systems nor appropriate undergraduate college programs within the USA. Examples of this lack are presented and this lack of knowledge is rectified in this paper. Further, the most basic intuitive illustrations for the notion of the "infinite" as well as the corresponding formal definitions and properties are presented and discussed. It is shown that, although the strength of God's comparative attributes and intelligence can be modeled mathematically, the mathematics apparently cannot model an ultimate (i.e. absolute) bound for such strengths. The mathematics does imply that accepting such an ultimate bound is a rational hypothesis.

On this website, for the construction of universes, is a detailed and important article for the general and technical aspects of the GGU and GID-model, respectively. This refines and further illustrates the basic approach discussed in the above book and emergent properties are included as well as the GID-interpretation.

Today, the GGU-model is based upon actual construction methods used to construct an object by sectioning. This is a simple illustration as to how such processes yield the construction of a globe of our world.

If by some chance, you might want a more complex illustration, then this article describes similar processes that are used to construct a 100 floor building. Then this article is a rather more technical article that simplifies the completely detailed article. This is the completely detailed version.

[[Many aspects of the refined GGU-model are more formally discussed in this extensive article and this archived copy. Also, this is an in-depth presentation of the original solution to GGU-problem.]]

In section #8, additional information on General Intelligent Design and the GGU-model is given. There is a link to my Journal of Creation 2009 article comparing the two forms of intelligent design and a second article comparing these two concepts. (Note: It should be kept in mind that this article is written for a specific audience.)

****Did God create the material world from nothing?****

Further, is the concept of omnipotent logically contradictory? Do such questions as "Can God create a stone He cannot left?" actually have any logical significance?

An answer to the question Who is Jesus?

I also answer the question How Can the Earth be Both 4.5 Billion and 6,000 Years Old?

And this is why, as presently defined, I am not a standard YEC.

For each theologically related paper that appears on this website, this short article explains my personal theory of Biblical interpretation.

Except in an appendix, the major articles on this website do not contain any mathematical derivations. Some of my IJMMS published papers were poorly edited. Please go to arxiv.org and or this vixra.org, for archived versions.

(1) All of the presented conclusions relative to theology and creationary science that appear on this website have been obtained independently. That is, these conclusions are not based upon statements made by any non-biblical individual. Further, I am not associated with such groups as ICR, AiG, Hugh Ross, Discovery Institute and the like.

(2) All of the material that appears on this website carries a copyright ©. (3) Material attributed to Robert A. Herrmann, excluding 19, is copyrighted by Robert A. Herrmann as of the date of the original or revision. This material may be reproduced or published in any form, without payment of any fees if not altered in any manner and proper credit given to Robert A. Herrmann as the author.

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3A. God is a Scientifically Rational Concept

4. What is Creationary Science? The Methods I Use and Their Relation to Biblical Theology.

4A. Human Behavior, Foreknowledge, and a Solution to the Predestination Controversy

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9A. What is Space-Time?

10. Simplifying the GID & GGU-models 11. A Course in MA-model Theology
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13. Randomness - A Strong Deception 14. A Personal Miraculous Event

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15. The Eden Cosmology and a Strict Genesis 1-8 Creationary Model

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16. Your Endangered Mind - Internet Book 17. Your Endanger Mind - Secular
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20A. PDF copies of journal and archived articles.

21. Solution "General Grand Unification" 22. Mathematics, and its relation to Science, Theology.
23. I am a Biblical Apostolic. 24. Evil of A. Bailey's New Age 25. Evil of the Psychic Movement 26. Presented Papers 27. Published Abstracts 28. Retirement statement
29. E=mc^2 Not Einstein's Discovery Statement on Hypothesis Acceptance

  • 1. Professional Biography

  • 1A. (G) The Wondrous Human Brain, Dyslexia, Cerebellar Ataxia and Other Stuff. This is a brief article as to my personal experiences with various speech, learning disorders and, now, a form of cerebellar ataxia. In particular, how I have compensated for some of their effects. However, such compensation is not total and aspects still affect how I present certain material on this website. These aspects are not related to the actual factual content of what is presented.

  • 2. Readme. Before attempting to read any of the next articles, please read the following that explains the meaning of the symbols (G) and (T) that appear after each section heading number.

  • 2A. (T) The Best Possible Unification for Any Collection of Physical Theories. (Internat. J. Math. Math. Sci., 17(2004):861-872.) It is well known that even if the particle physics community produces a physical theory that unifies the four fundamental interactions (forces) that, due to emerging properties, such a unification will not produce a unification for the set of all physical properties and scientific physical theories that appear to govern appropriate natural-system behavior. On page 9 of 0306147.pdf, the material contained in the paragraph that follows Theorem 4.1 shows that the "best" unification for the set of all such physical theories exists. The definition for this unification also leads to a logic-system that yields the unification.

  • 3. (G) What is Rational Thought? This article describes what is meant by rational thought.

  • 3A. (G) The mathematical modeling of God's attributes. This article explains the simplest aspects of how God's attributes as well as various "trinity" notions can be mathematically modeled. Further, I describe how it is possible to show that the God of the Bible is a scientifically rational concept and that everything that exists today is indirect evidence for His existence.

  • 4. (G-T) The first article is What is Creationary Science? The second article is The Methods I Use and Their Relation to Biblical Theology. These articles are relative to the basic scientific methods as employed today. In particular, those methods used throughout much of creationary science, secular physical science and how these methods relate to the contributes I have made to creationary science. In the second article, I present specifically the methods I use.

  • 4A. (G) Human Behavior, Foreknowledge, and a Solution to the Predestination Controversy. This article shows how these methods answer some of the most difficult questions in Christian theology.

  • 5. (G) Templeton Prize Nomination.

  • 5A. (G) A John Templeton Foundation Exposé. In this article, the written words of John Templeton, the founder of the John Templeton Foundation (a.k.a. Templeton Foundation), are analyzed. Theological concepts that govern the Templeton Foundation and their relation to basic Christian doctrine are fully investigated and the source of the Templeton Foundation theological doctrine is identified. Only if the Templeton Foundation rejects the philosophy stated by its founder, will this analysis be removed from this website.

  • 6. (G-T) The Major Paul Davies Hypotheses are Invalid. The theological implications of Davies conclusions are shown to be false. One of Paul Davies major hypotheses is the claim that the laws of nature have a special property called Turing computability and as such the universe in which we dwell can be simulated by what is technically called a universal Turing machine or computer. It has been stated that this hypothesis has led to significant "Progress in Religion." However, such "Progress" has not occurred, since this Davies hypothesis is false. I specifically refute this hypothesis by using the 1977 Paris-Harrington theorem for which an explicit example is given. Explicit examples are also given that lead to tangible physical results that cannot be produced by a universal Turing machine.

  • 7. (G-T) Important Comments on the Ministry of Hugh Ross Ph.D. In this comment, I have found it necessary to discuss the relation between the Hugh Ross ministry "Reasons to Believe," the concept of the false prophet or false apostle, and creationary models that have a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof.

  • 8. (G) GID and the Bible. Although the GGU-model has a secular interpretation, this article lists many of the Biblical statements satisfied by the GID and GGU-models, such as

    "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nether are your ways my ways . . . . As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." (Isaiah 55: 8 - 9.) "By the decree of the LORD were the heavens made, . . . ." (Psalm 33:6.) "For He spoke and it came to be: He commanded and it stood firm." (Psalm 33:9.)

    In the case that you have not, as yet, considered other information presented on this website, I repeat certain facts. I am the originator of the notion that mathematical analysis can be applied to establish that physical-system behavior is intelligently designed, and produced, sustained or guided by an intelligent agent. This conclusion is one aspect of General Intelligent Design Model (GID). GID is an interpretation of the General Grand Unification model (GGU-model), the first general Theory of Everything. The GGU-model is physical in character. Indeed, the GGU-model can be considered as a "larger" more complex physical environment in which universes are embedded. However, the mathematical operators used for the physical model also have various intelligent agent signatures.

    No Biblical statements are used as hypotheses for these models. Indeed, only observable human behavior is the data modeled. However, the predicted higher-intelligence does satisfy many interpreted Biblical statements. Many of these are listed in this article.

    The following additional facts might be useful. The interpreted GGU-model is so highly scientific in character that when any individual conducts a scientific experiment and verifies an inductive or deductive statement, then this also verifies the GGU-model. Previously, all of my scientific results have appeared in "journal form." But, because of the false impression given by other individuals that they originated this notion, I wrote a non-technical, yet, complete book on the GID-model and aspects of the fundamental GGU-model. This book contains a large amount of information and many illustrations not available from any of my Internet articles or books. It covers the basic interpretations - purely physical, intelligent design, and, in a brief 22 page section, some theological interpretations, which I have since altered. Indeed, the book presents the original analogue GGU-model produced by the GID-model and still contains valuable information.

    I again mention that on this website I have various links that discuss aspects of this research and they present the now Complete GGU-model that adds significant refined details to the original model. This important link is to a very brief article that compares certain linguistic differences between the GID notion of an higher-intelligence and the RID notion of intelligence. Further, it contrasts these notions theologically. This article The two meanings for modern intelligent design, published 2009, is an important article on the RID and GID-model differences and criticisms.

    For physical universes, this is a slightly more technical article than the previous link that establishes the significance of the General Intelligent Design model (originally termed General Design Theory) as compared with the restricted design theory being popularized by the Discovery Institute, please see (G) A Comparison: General Design Versus Restricted Design Theory. This is a summary of some additional physical universe results using an interpretation in terms of an intelligent agent and intelligent design.

    In this article, I give a simple illustration of how the mental processes change descriptions, pictures and other such information into reality. By comparison, the mental processes are those that one would associate with an higher-intelligence not located within any physical universe.

    The paper (G) My Intelligent Design Priority establishes my priority in this area of intelligent design.

    I mention again my article on GID Evidence , which discusses the evidence that shows that GID-intelligent design is fact and that every second trillions upon trillions of physical events occur that imply the Nature explicitly adheres to such GID-intelligent design.

    In this book, I use a notion for information termed "specific information." I no longer employ that term. The very important paper (G-T) "The Fundamental Universe-Generating Processes" is a rather detailed GGU and GID-model outline for the construction of universes. Emergent properties are included as well as the GID-interpretation. This is a somewhat simplified version and this is the more detailed somewhat technical version.

  • 9. Some free articles that you may download without restrictions.

    1 (G) What does the term hyperfinite mean?

    2 (G-T) What do coupled terms hyperfinite, ultraword and ultralogic signify?

    3 (G-T) The highly significant lack of knowledge model.

    4 (G-T) Fasifying the GID-model.

    5 (G-T) Formally establishing that Paul's Mars Hill argument is logically consistent.

    6 (G) The Specific GID and GGU-model Scientific methods used..

    7 (G) How was our universe created?

    8 (G) How to Imagine the Infinite.

    9 (G) Non-secular mathematics and the infinite.

    10 (G) Your endangered mind: The great scientific deception. (A brief secular discussion.)

    11 (G-T) Mathematical Philosophy and evolutionary processes. (An important paper written for a member of the U. S. Congress.)

    12 (G-T) GGU-model and GID-model Processes.

    13 (T) A microeffect that could yield a world-wide flood.

    14 (T) General relativity and possible contrary predictions.

    15 (T) The facts about gravitational time-dilation.

    16 (G-T) The present invalid nature of Humphreys' White Hole Cosmology.

    17 (G-T) E = mc^2 is not Einstein's discovery.

    18 (G-T) © reprint. The scientific existence of an higher intelligence. This is an older paper on a subject that now has been highly refined. You may download this with certain restrictions.

    19 (G) Does God sustain fundamental physical behavior by discrete or non-smooth processes?

    20 (T) The meaning of the physical metric ds and a theoretical verification of a time-dilation conjecture.

    21 (G-T) The Existence of Ultimate Concepts.

    22 (T) Special Relativity and the nonstandard photon-particle medium (the NSPPM) A technical outline.

    23 (G-T) Information Theory, Consequence Operators, and the Origin of Life.

    24 (G-T) A U-cosmology.

    My arXiv.org and viXra.org Papers and Books

    Many important papers and books appear in the arxiv.org and vixra.org archives. For these, go to arxiv.org and vixra.org. Improvements and additions to these papers and books appear on this website. The books listed on this website are updated and, except that they may be formatted differently, correspond exactly to those at the archives. Note: In the beginning, the arXiv.org archive did not discriminate relative to papers presented. One does need appropriate academic standing. This has changed since the site was acquired by Cornell University.

    The basic GGU-model mathematics has a major secular interpretation. However, after my 27th article appeared on (Modeling the Dialectic), due to a complaint that some of my mathematical work has a strong theological interpretation, I was banned from presenting any more articles. I have since employed another archive, viXra.org, especially since I can now present articles that yield the formal theological interpretation as well as other aspects of secular mathematical modeling. I do not discuss the pros or cons of any other papers that appear on this archive.

  • Article 4 above, A U-Cosmology, describes a Biblically model that reveals immensely powerful Divine creationary processes. This older article should be considered as subsidiary to the above book "Science Declares . . . ." It is mainly of historical interest since I now accept The Eden Model and much has been replaced by newer material that appears on this website. It was produced prior to this book.

    It does give a purely scientifically generated model for Biblical creation that could be useful and it describes specific Divine mechanisms that allow God to have knowledge of the past, the present and the future, and still allow for great alterations in physical-system behavior as well as free-will. It gives an in-depth discussion of the in-transit model. It contains useful Biblical statements that interpretations of the GGU-model satisfy.

  • 9A. (G-T (Basic Calculus)) What do the Expressions - Space, Space-Time, Time-Dilation and an Expanding Universe - Actually Signify? In this PDF article, the science-fiction myths about these expressions are removed and their actually meanings are explained. It is shown that the geometric language used is only an analogue model for behavior - behavior that has physical meaning in terms of our everyday experiences.

  • 10. (G-T) Simplifying the technical aspects of the GD-world, GGU, GID-models and the U-cosmology. This paper contains the general intuitive concepts needed before exploring the technical aspects of these models.

  • 11. (G-T) A Short Course in the GD-world and MA-models as They Relate to Theology This is an introductory course for the GD-world and MA-model portion of the GGU-model as they can be interpreted theologically. This short course consists of a series of 13 e-mail postings that were presented to a special Internet group.

  • 12. (G) Wondrous Design for Probabilistic Behavior In this article, it is shown specifically that physical-system chance events as represented by theory predicted (a priori) probabilistic statements used in such realms as modern particle physics, among others, are only random relative to the restricted language of the theory that predicts such behavior. It is shown that all such "chance" physical events are related one-to-another by a remarkably designed, systematic and wondrous collection of equations that model how the physical laws and processes specifically yield such physical events.

    A second result shows theoretically that all such "chance" behavior is caused by the application of well-defined ultralogics. These results show specifically that the fundamental underlying behavior associated with all physical systems that comprise our universe is controlled internally by processes that cannot be differentiated from those that mirror the behavior of an infinitely powerful mind. From a Scriptural viewpoint, these results reveal signatures for God that represent His continual presence and control over all aspects of the physical universe.

  • 12A (G-T) Random or Mindom? In this brief article, I show once again that the use of the terms "random" and "disorder" with their common meaning within scientific literature are used only for psychological and philosophic reasons. The basic meanings for these terms no longer exist from the view point of General Intelligent Design (GID) Model. Indeed, it has never been necessary to use these terms when describing physical-system behavior. A new term "mindom" is proposed as a replacement for both of these terms. Mindom is a term that describes the actual facts.

  • 13. Randomness and Evolutionary Cosmology - A Strong Deception. This brief article is my attempt to eliminate the ignorance displayed by members of the atheistic, "probabilistic" or "evolutionary" scientific communities relative to "randomness" and "inanimate evolutionary cosmology" and exactly what my referenced complementary articles on this subject have established mathematically. This article, Randomness and Patterns, continues my discussion on this notion and presents a specific example of a sequence of deterministically generated relative frequencies that does not converge. Any such appropriately generated sequence of relative frequencies deterministically generated or not that actually occurs physically can be shown to be produced by higher-intelligent agency. (This is an additional and more detailed article on the notion of "randomness.")

  • 14. (G) A Miracle Event. This article describes a "miraculous" event that has determined my entire theological endeavors from 30 June 1983 until the present. The last paragraph of this article contains an important message to any individual who does not truly believe in the God of the Scriptures

  • 14A. (G-T) A Miracle Producing Mechanism. This very brief article discusses a result that shows how a specific member of the General Grand Unification Model, when theologically interpreted, can be used to produce what would be acknowledged by many as miracles.

  • 15. (G) The Eden Cosmology and a Strict Genesis 1-8 Creationary Model. Although the GGU-model rationally satisfies numerously many secular interpretations for the formation and evolutionary development of our universe, it also shows that various theological interpretations are rational possibilities. In these articles, I present, with a progressive approach to the details, a specific creationary science scenario for the creation of our universe. In particular, I give evidence for the acceptance of one such interpretation that upholds the rationality of a very strict interpretation of the Genesis 1 - 8 scenario.

    This interpretation preserves the required step-by-step Genesis 1 ordered sequence of events. Any creationary model that does not literally preserve this ordering should be rejected. The processes employed yield an eternal pre-Fall Earth, a "young" post-Fall Earth and also yield a universe (including our present local environment and earth) that appears to be billions of years old as measured by our scientific modes of time-measurement. Further, this model explains why there exists physical evidence for both a young earth and an ancient earth. The second article is the important highly detailed achieved version.

    This is article (1) The Eden Model and has been previously listed on this website. This is article (2) A Strict GGU-model Interpretation of Genesis 1, The Fall and The Flood. This is the highly detailed Eden Model article. Relative to the post-Flood period it only employs the "cast-off" and earth replacement model.

  • 15A. (G) What Can Be Known As fully explained in the above book, the GGU-model gives insight into a rational discussion of what humankind can actually "know," at present, about certain significant concepts. These brief remarks use the notion of "creation out of nothing" as a basic illustration.

  • 16. (G) Your Endangered Mind: The Great Scientific Deception, Christian Version. Many members of the scientific community have tried frantically to prevent you from reading this very important book. This book as well as the one below contains material that is different from that which appears in "Science Declares Our Universe IS Intelligently Designed." (It has not been revised.)

  • 17. (G) Your Endangered Mind: The Great Scientific Deception, Original Secular Version. The basic personal conclusions established by the MA and GGU-models apply to every intelligent life form within the universe. The physical applications are independent from any other scientific theory. To show this, I present the original slightly more detailed secular version written in HTML and presented in one compressed zip file with images.

  • 18. (T) Important Free Books in Mathematics and Science. 1 Elementary Mathematical Logic. 2 Modern Infinitesimal Modeling and Nonstandard Analysis. 3 The Theory of Ultralogics. 4 Nonstandard Analysis Applied to the Special and General Theories of Relativity - The Theory of Infinitesimal Light-clocks. (Einstein Corrected.)

  • 18A. (T) Nonstandard Analysis - A Simplified Approach. My General Intelligent Design (GID) Model requires, for the mathematics, Nonstandard Analysis. This book presents the simplest possible nonstandard approach to the material in a basic undergraduate first course in real analysis. This is one or two steps beyond the usual calculus courses.

    After considering the material presented, you would need to continue to the next level of nonstandard analysis as contained in the other free books, in this subject, listed on this website or at arxiv.org. (GID-Model requires the material in book #3 as listed above.) Although the material in this book is copyrighted, it may be reproduced in any form without payment of any fees as long as the material is properly credited to its author.

  • 18B. (G) You can imagine the infinite. Some claim that human beings cannot imagine the concept of the "completed" infinite. These descriptions prove that this claim is false.

  • 19. (G-T) Thought Control (This form of thought control is not the very well known sensory methods humans use to control the actions of other human beings. These sensory methods usual come from experience or from detailed instructions.) In this paper, scientifically described processes are used to show how certain mental processes can be influenced by the actions of defined immaterial entities. These entities are theologically identified and produce results similar to those discussed by Eccles and Robinson (The Wonder of Being Human, Our Brain and Our Mind, The Free Press, 1984) and by Popper.

  • 19A (G) The Inherent Dangers Manifested by Certain Belief Systems This PDF article contains findings that were disseminated to various U. S. Federal government agencies and individual members in 1981. Originally, the conclusions were "confidential," but on 15 Aug 1981 they were presented at the annual meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation. Predictions are made that have occurred.

  • 20. Complete List of Published Papers

  • 20A. PDF Copies of Journal Publications, archived articles vixra.org articles or at vixra.org and arxiv.org Articles. Any recent revisions to the arxiv.org articles appear in vixra.org articles.

21. (T - G -T) Monograph M1

Solutions to the "General Grand Unification Problem," and the Questions. "How Did Our Universe Come Into Being?" and "Of What is Empty Space Composed?".
Presented before the Mathematical Association of America at Western Maryland College, 12 NOV 1994.

This presents the historically first solution to these Patton and Wheeler questions as well as the basic question "Is physics legislated by cosmogony." These questions, and others, are specifically answered by first generating a falsifiable cosmogony via mathematical modeling. Since such a cosmogony is capable of generating universes, not just the one in which we dwell, and their respective "physics," then the General Grand Unification model, with certain exceptions, must essentially be explanatory in its final form for it must predict the behavior of all physical-systems that reside in each universe. Abstract 1

Also see the scientific justification and need for a cosmogony. The actual more recent highly refined solution appears in a series of papers on this website and at vixra.org. For the technical papers also see papers [1], [2], [3], part of [4] as they appear at vixra.org. GGU-model theological applications appear on this website and also in papers that appear at vixra.org.

  • 22. (G-T) Modern Mathematics - Its Relation to Physical Science and Theology This is a very important discussion of the relation between mathematics and these other distinct disciplines. It removes all of the myths and misunderstandings relative to this relation. The facts discussed in this article are based upon the experiences of an expert in mathematical modeling. However, numerology and Bible codes are not discussed nor do I consider such concepts as valid.

    This large zip file presents most of the actual mathematics that has been and continues to be used for the GGU-model and its interpretations.

  • 23. I have been a Biblical Apostolic since 15 AUG 1983 and there are millions of Biblical Apostolics throughout the world who are identified by many different labels. My acceptance of this fundamental doctrine is based upon my own personal analysis of the Scriptures. My acceptance of this doctrine does not imply that I accept any additional doctrine that is part of the canon of any religious organization that also accepts the following statements. As a Biblical Apostolic, I only accept the final theological doctrine of as stated by Jesus, the original Apostles and Paul. I consider this doctrine as sufficient for salvation.

    "Brothers, I want to remind you of the gospel I preached to you, the gospel that you received and in which you are firmly established; because the gospel will save you only if you keep believing exactly what I preached to you - believing anything else will not lead to anything." 1 Corinthians 15: 1-2 (Jerusalem Bible). ((v.2) "It was that alone by which they could hope for salvation." Matthew Henry.) This verse immediately implies that one also needs to believe all of the doctrine expressed by the Apostles. The Greek concept of "believing" implies to "obey." Thus, this rationally implies that one should obey Jesus and the Apostles.

    Further, we are told that the believers "continued steadfastly in the Apostles doctrine." Acts 2:42. And Paul specifically states "teach no other doctrine." 1 Tim. 1:3. Generally, I do not proselytize. However, if you are truly interested in the circumstances that led to my accepting the Apostles doctrine and becoming a Biblical Apostolic please consider this pdf file.

Ezekiel 33:6, 8 - 9.
  • 24. (G-T) A Modern Manifestation of Absolute Evil; The New Age, the New This, the New That Movement. This is a revision of my 1982 scientific analysis of the ethics and "theology" of the New Age, New World, New "almost anything" occult movement using the writings of the founder of this movement, Alice A. Bailey. The concepts advocated by Bailey have become part of many so-called Christian organizations.

    Since "code word" titles and "names" for certain objects are being altered, identification by means of characteristics is necessary. This research is mainly concerned with those Bailey concepts that would most affect the conservative Christian community. Also detailed, with numerous exhibits, is the absolute evil intent of ALL of the concepts and methods employed within this movement. Important Internet examples are given.

  • 25. (G) Another Manifestation of Absolute Evil, the "Psychic" and "Paranormal" Movement. This article will detail the true basis and extreme danger of the "Psychic this," the "Psychic that" and the "paranormal" movement. It is shown how these extremely dangerous concepts and practices are being made a part of our cultural environment; how to recognize the applications of these concepts, and how to avoid the deceptions that radiate from the "angel of light." Although probably not current, various Internet examples are given. [Since the material presented in this article is based upon personal experiences, this article will not be altered. Further, any form of logical argument cannot eliminate the conclusions.]

  • 26. Presented Papers.

  • 27. Published Abstracts

  • 28. ** This statement is only for identification purposes. After 38 years of federal government service, I officially retired from the faculty of United States Naval Academy in June of 2004. I am no longer officially associated with any Federal agency. Neither the United States Naval Academy nor any other Federal agency endorse the material that appears on this Website.

Throughout all of the information contained within this website, strict logical argument is applied. As with many informal logical arguments, not all hypotheses are stated explicitly. Many such hypotheses come under the heading of "self-evident." Please do not assume additional hypotheses that are not intended and thereby produce erroneous enthymemes (i.e. logical arguments based upon hypotheses that are not assumed). Further, I accept a scientific hypothesis as fact only if there is an abundance of physical evidence that verifies the hypothesis.

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