The Two Refined Models, the Participator and a General Theological Interpretations

1 SEP 2016.

The original GGU-model uses a linguistics analogue model based only upon the developmental paradigm concept. The refined complete (2013) GGU-model uses the concept of the pre-designed developmental paradigm, which is then reproduced via one of the schemes discussed in this archived article such as the instruction paradigm scheme (S) or (S'). One yields an additional set of three statements, where the term "designs" is replaced by the stronger term "pre-designs." This change does seem to signify a specific "purpose" for such constructions. This corresponds to one of the standard construction techniques upon the which the model's predictions are now based. Other interpretations for the mathematical formalism that do not, in restriction, correspond to these techniques should be rejected.

On the other hand, a second model need only use one of the schemes, each of which has a higher-intelligence signature, and need not employ the developmental paradigm. But, the GGU-problem requires that alterations caused by human intervention be included. This is the participator scheme as described within this article, The Participator Model. This can be done by various means.

The GGU-model using but one of the schemes, such as (S) or (S'), and the instruction paradigm, which has a strong higher-intelligence signature, can be employed and the three design statements hold. The general GGU-model procedure is to describe the production of a single universe. Then one can consider a vast collection of "covirtual" universes as represented by info-fields and a selection process, via say ultrafast propertons. However, since info-fields require a small portion of a higher-language to describe, then one cannot assume that the participator mechanisms do not also require such a higher-language to describe.

The DVD "illustration" on page 164 in the book "Science Declaims . . . ." can be modified to include this now refined approach. Simply insert another row of DVDs prior to the top row presented and arrows extending from the inserted row to the DVDs in the now second row. The arrows represent a scheme such as (S) or (S') that yield the complete info-field DVD for the development of an entire participator altered universe. This is a type of "atemporal parallel processing." Of course, this is but an analogue model for what we may not otherwise be able to comprehend. Other approaches that satisfy the mathematics can also be applied.

For a very "general" theological interpretation, the first type of GID-design and the complete GGU-model is employed. Then how we "think" via a general language is utilized. This yields the statement "Thoughts are transformed into a physical reality." There are various theological interpretations relative to the design of specific physical-systems and how they are obtained such as The Eden Model. Each GID-model and GGU-model interpretation satisfies the mathematical formalism and has the common feature of presenting real or apparent intelligent actions.

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