Baltimore Polytechnic Institute

Advance College Preparatory Course of 1949-1953.

The Baltimore Polytechnic Institute was founded in 1883. It was the first U.S. public high school to include "manual" training. The school gained national recognition for outstanding performance beginning with the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. During the time Dr. Herrmann attended the school, certified graduates from the Advanced College Preparatory Course were admitted to and received credit for the first year at hundreds of universities (MIT, Johns Hopkins, Georgia Tech, etc) throughout the U. S. without taking any college entrance exams such as the SAT or Advanced Placement. The Advanced College Preparatory Course emphasizes mathematics and engineering.

The following is the 1949-1953 Advanced College Preparatory Course taken by Dr. Herrmann. Were applicable, the first number is the number of periods per week, the second number indicates whether it was a year course or a portion of a year. Advanced Algebra I (4, 1) and II (4, 1); Plane Euclidean Geometry (from Euclid's Elements) (4, 1); Euclidean Spatial Geometry (from Euclid's Elements) (4, 0.5); Solid Euclidean Geometry (from Euclid's Elements) (4, 0.5) [These three courses presented 900 propositions, theorems or lemma over which the students are tested. These are "Theorem-Proof" courses.]; Trigonometry (4, 0.5), (Vector) Analytical Geometry (4, 1) [The text used was that employed at Johns Hopkins at the time and establishes results via linear algebra techniques.]; Algebra Practice (4, 0.5); Calculus (5, 1) [A more in-depth course than given today due to the previously studied mathematics material.]; Physics (5, 1); Chemistry (5, 1); Analytical Chemistry (5, 0.5); Electricity (5, 1); Mechanical Drawing (3, 3); Descriptive Geometry (4, 0.5); Heat Engines (4, 1); Mechanics (5, 0.5); Mechanics of Materials (5, 0.5); Mechanical (Engineering) Laboratory (6, 0.5); Surveying (4, 0.5); Wood Shop (3, 1); Metal Shop (3, 1); Machine Shop, Welding, Forge and Foundry (3, 1); History (5, 4); English (5, 4); English-History Symposium (1, 0.5); French (5, 2); Physical Education (3.5).

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