Dr. Robert A. Herrmann

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This is a U. S. Naval Academy Speakers Bureau illustrated elementary talk that discusses my original ultraword solution to the pre-geometry problem that asks the questions "How did our universe come into being?" and "Of what is empty space composed?" (Although this analogue model approach can still be employed, I no longer use this approach as representing the processes that produce universes. I now employ a GGU-model instruction paradigm scheme. Such an approach can also be partially stated via the ultraword concept.) In this paper, I discuss a purely scientific model that yields an answer to these questions as well as giving an answer to the General Grand Unification problem. This elementary talk uses very well-known "computer" terminology to convey the intuitive concepts behind these solutions. I illustrate the processes by applying them to the so-called Big Bang or standard model. Although the original in-depth analysis for universe creation, in general, is given in "Science Declares Our Universe IS Intelligently Designed" and elsewhere, the illustration present here does not appear in that book. At the end of this paper, I reproduce the complete set of overhead transparencies used for this talk. No mathematics is used in these talks.

Presently, there are two versions of is talk. This is the version How was our universe created? (ID) and contains some statements that include the language of intelligent design. A second version would be one that does not contain the ID language. I, of course, no longer personally present either of these talks.

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