Simplifying the Technical Aspects of the G-model, D-world-model, GGU-model, GID-model and the U-cosmology. (1996, Revised 8 May 2008)

Dr. Robert A. Herrmann

Notice: As long as no alterations are made to the following paper, there are no restrictions placed on its distribution. You may distribute as many copies as you wish by any means to any individual or group of individuals. Further, all of the research findings are presented under the policies of Academic Freedom.

The paper below contains the general intuitive concepts needed before exploring the technical aspects of these models. [The material in this article should be considered as additional to the material in the book "Science Declares Our Universe is Intelligently Designed (Xulon Press 2002). This general audience book contains new significant results and additional important simplifications.] No mathematics appears in this paper, and it is written on a level comprehensible by a first year college student or equivalent. Prior to reading any work associated with these models, one very important fact should be considered. All of the results obtained from these models are predictions that are based upon a few common everyday human experiences that can be verified within a laboratory setting. Except for the most basic mathematical axioms used throughout all of science, NO additional mathematical or physical axioms, or presuppositions are assumed. This must always be kept in mind, for there will arise the myth that the results obtained from these models have somehow or other been included within the axioms or presuppositions. This myth is entirely and utterly false. The contents of this paper are as follows:

(1) Introduction, Language Usage, and Other stuff.
(2) Predictions.
(3) What does the term model mean?
(4) Modeling Thinking.
(5) Nature and Logic.
(6) The Ultra-stuff.
(7) The G and D-world Models.
(8) The GGU-model.
(9) The Nothingness.
(10) The Powerful Mind.
(11) This is an added section for individuals interested in the Rapid Formation Model and my Belief Statements.

Simplifying the Technical Aspects of the G, D-world, GGU-model, GID-model and the U-cosmology.

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