A Scientific Analysis and True Significance of the Modern "Psychic" and "Paranormal" Movement.

Robert A. Herrmann Ph. D.

1. Introduction

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In 1925, Alice A. Bailey wrote

"These methods of overshadowing will be largely the ones used by the Great Lord and His Masters at the end of the century, and for this reason They are sending into incarnation, in every country, disciples who have the opportunity offered them to respond to the need of humanity. Hence the need of training men and women to recognise the higher psychism, and the true inspiration and mediumship, and to do this scientifically. In fifty years time, the need for true psychics and conscious mediums (such as H. P. B., for instance) will be very great if the Master's plans are to be carried to fruition, and the movement must be set on foot in preparation for the coming of Him for Whom all nations wait." (1, pp. 757 - 758).

As established in the first article in this series, the Bailey "Great Lord" is the Scripturally described Satan, "Masters" are demons or demon controlled individuals, and "Him, Whom" means the Antichrist. The major concern of this article will be to identify completely the exceptional dangers associated with the present day "psychic" and the associated portions of the "paranormal" movement, to give the detailed overshadowing methods used to control an individual's mind and, especially, how to avoid such controlling influences. If you have read my Christian Testimony, then you are aware that I have considerable experience with and knowledge of the covert and overt methods used.

Today, humankind, and especially the Judeo-Christian portion, is in exceptional danger. Consider that, in some colleges and universities, we have courses and research being conducted in the various areas of "paranormal science" or parapsychology. Further, there are literally thousands and thousands of so-called psychic consultants. You have many Web sites from which to choose. And, of course, there are what has become the billion dollar industry of "900" number "Psychic" telephone consultants (most of whom are fake although still extremely dangerous), the "supermarket" tabloid "newspapers," the television talk shows that feature psychics, the use of so-called psychics by the law enforcement agencies, and the numerously many "authoritative" television programs that feature what is claimed to be psychic "mysteries" or phenomena, or the associated "paranormal." This is a startling change that has occurred just over the past fifty years for, in the near past, "psychics" and other such "seers" overt manifestations were always considered to be fake, and they were often only allowed to ply their "trade" at carnivals or at a circus side show. However, as my Testimony indicates, if a type "telepathy," in one form or another, is as Bailey claims the actual medium for true psychic endeavors, then from an overt viewpoint true psychic endeavors are well established.

Pseudoscientific organizations not as yet mentioned, organizations that are extremely dangerous to the Judeo-Christian culture, are groups that claim that various forms of what can be generally described as "psychic abilities" are not supernatural in character but are rather undeveloped human abilities that humankind needs to develop during its evolutionary journey. As an example, consider the Institute of Noetic Sciences and, in particular, their "research" programs. Another modern code word for similar teachings is Intuition. The claim being that intuition itself is produced through application of "psychic abilities." [[Note: Certain remarks have been added during the last slight revision.]]

As will be established, all of the above mentioned and many more psychic endeavors are totally occult in nature and are controlled by the forces of the Adversary. Note that it is rather obvious that today society is being completely desensitized relative to the occult. I cannot emphasis this fact strongly enough.

Today, society is being completely desensitized
relative to the occult.

Occult symbolism and practices are so widespread that they have become part of everyday life. I am aware that it may be hard for you to believe (you can determine it for yourself) but one of the major organizations that spreads occult ideas and symbolism is the Walt Disney organization. Further, the occult is the major component of children's television.

The above Bailey quotation is being exactly realized, in all of its components, today - AD 1997. Psychics no longer need to hid they practices from public view. Many are no longer being considered as charlatans but, rather, they are being upheld as significant contributors to societies needs. Indeed, Bailey's requirements for more men and women to be trained in such matters by and after 1975 has also occurred. As but one small example, consider the Berkeley Psychic Institute that was founded in 1973 and claims to have trained over 100,000 individuals. Then there are hundreds of individuals who are developing smaller training centers such as [[probably no longer active at this URL]] Channeling's by Debra Yeager.

Not only do we have thousands of individuals being so trained in occult procedures under the guise of psychic training, but because of modern and clever methods of enticing individuals to experiment with all forms of occult procedures under the pretense that it is but entertainment, thousands are being added daily to the ranks of those whose minds are being controlled by Bailey's Masters. [Note: Under no circumstances will I relate in this investigation the specific method I discovered fifty years ago that allows one to acquire the so-called ultimate psychic "power." This method is apparently the "ultimate" method that exists. I know of no place where this ultimate method is described within any literature on the occult. And, I do not intend to be the first to present it in written form. It is enough to say, that the ordinary methods used today are, in most cases, but perversions of well established Judeo-Christian procedures, where the most perverse aspect relates to a type of spirit being and its active participation.]

2. Reality and the Human Brain

First, what is needed, at the very least, is a quality dictionary definition for the term reality; a definition that may not exist.

"Reality: the quality or state of being real. Real: existing or happening as or in fact; actual, true, objectively so, etc.; not merely seeming, pretending, imagined, fictitious, nominal or ostensible." (2, p. 1210)
Unfortunately, as it will be shown, this definition has little meaning for one very basic reason. It includes the statement that reality is not something that is "imagined." It seems that "reality" as implied by such a definition cannot ever be known for all knowledge of the world exterior to our "mind," that is as it can be obtained or understood by humankind, is totally relative to human sensory functions, brain construction and types of imagination. Thus, in our everyday affairs, natural reality is what humankind can perceive and the brain can process using our standard five senses. Also it is only that which, using these five senses, would be accepted by the vast majority of human beings. If almost one million human beings claimed such and such event occurred, that they were direct witnesses to the event, and only two individuals from the same group stated that the event did not occur and, if it had occurred these two would have witnessed it, then it would be assumed that the two individuals had a sensory or mental problem. Further, our training from birth using our basic five senses and mental capacity is what allows us to "navigate," what one might term, our "natural environment" without, one hopes, significant physical damage.

Of course, scientists build machines that they claim will demonstrate the existence of entities that exist within our natural environment and that cannot be perceived by our five basic senses. Most scientists firmly believe that entities called "photons" exist in natural objective reality where this term means that which exists within the defined natural environment whether or not it can be perceived by human senses or comprehended by the human mind. But, when first introduced by Einstein, he called them "imaginary" entities. Whatever is the "reality" of any such "invisible" (usually, to our senses) entities, some certainly appear to produce predicted effects within our environment. [[I mention that some claim that certain photons are not "invisible" entities.]] Consider for example radioactive material, where the assumed radiation mostly cannot be detected by our five senses, or the millions of different frequencies of electromagnetic radiation that today "pass through" each of us. Then we have all the subatomic objects that are studied in particle physics and particle fields and that scientists in this discipline claim exist in (natural) objective reality although many of these objects cannot be detected directly by either human or machine sensors. Further, all such entities, we are told, follow absolute statements called natural laws and these laws are stated in a manner that the human mind (well, some human minds) can comprehend. [When the word "natural" is dropped from the phrase "natural objective reality," the definition is altered by removing the phrase "within the defined natural environment."]

The important "fact" is that there appear to be many natural entities that are not detectable by human senses. It is a remarkable fact that, assuming that such laws and entities exist in natural objective reality, it is predicted mathematically that other entities, called propertons (subparticles), and other laws, called ultranatural laws (Book 2, chapter 10, page 103 and Chapter 11), would also exist in objective reality. These scientific predictions cannot be eliminated from modern science; however, these predictions can be ignored. One of the significant facts about these ultranatural laws is that we can have little, if any, knowledge about them, and we probably cannot use our five senses, in an ordinary everyday manner, or construct any machine using natural laws that will detect directly "propertons."

3. Altered Perception

There are many procedures that can be applied to the human brain and that will cause it to distort what it perceives as reality. These are the well know "mind altering" procedures. My experience in this context has been that, when certain mind altering procedures are applied to an individual, often their perception is such that, even though what they now perceive is totally contradictory to their past experiences, they accept this distortion as fact. In some cases, trying to present logical arguments that what they perceive is not what the majority of society would perceive seems to be impossible. Of course, we have other individuals who are born with mental deficiencies that seem to prevent them from sensing their environment in the same manner as sensed by the majority of society. In such cases, these individuals must be protected from our environment, especially that portion that is constructed by individuals with assumed "normal" sensory responses.

In Genesis 2:17, God tells Adam that he must not eat from the tree of "good and evil." In Genesis 3:5, the serpent tells Eve that if she eats from this tree, then she will be like God, "knowing good and evil." (3, p. 395 - 396). Then, in Genesis 3:22, we are told that "man" now knows "good and evil." These lines in the Scriptures do not indicate that "man" only became aware of evil simply because he disobeyed a specific order from God as some have claimed. Further, we need to discover the means by which God presents such concepts to humanity.

The Scriptures indicate specifically that God and Adam and Eve were in a very close and personal relationship while Adam and Eve were in the garden of Eden. They communicated easily while in the garden of Eden by means of the spoken word. "They heard the voice of the LORD God . . . ." Genesis 3:8. There was no mental confusion in this regard. Adam and Eve were, however, also free to hear the words of the serpent. They made a choice to follow the serpent's instructions. It seems reasonable that "knowing evil" signifies that after this event humanity could more directly communicate with "evil." Communicating with God or knowing "good" is all that would be allowed if they were to remain in Eden. Now that they could communicate both with God and the Adversary, they could no longer remain in such a close relationship with God. Hence, God banished them from the Garden and, thereby, barred humanity from having this specific type of close relationship with God. In the sense of this linguistic interpretation, it seems reasonable to conclude that humanity now could be much more easily manipulated and controlled by the Adversary, and individuals would need to make a special or significant effort if they wished again to communicate - to "know" - the LORD God.

Through mathematical modeling, it has been established that the Scriptures present to humanity a scientifically rational linguistic model for Divine behavior. But, at least, one linguistic process is not merely a model for behavior but yields an exact objectively real process. "Knowledge" is mostly implanted within the human brain by means of the spoken "word." The Scriptures specifically state that this is the case for knowledge of good and evil. Deuteronomy 1:39 (NIV) is interpreted by Unger and White to mean that until individuals can "speak" they cannot have any knowledge of good and evil. (4, p. 213). Since the Scriptures are the "word of God," then equivalent written words can take the place of these spoken words and, of course, a specific symbol can replace an entire word or a group of words. But, for me, this equivalence is not the case, for as I read any collection of written words, I actually "speak them" within my brain. I "hear" each word sounded out by what I call my own personal mental voice. This mental voice always has the same "quality" so to speak. I have never heard any other mental voice. Of course, this certainly does not make me what is termed a "speed reader." But, I have still done a great deal of reading and have gained great comprehension by this "slow" and, as some would claim, "tedious" process.

Of course, there is a correspondence between many of these written or spoken words, and mental images. Indeed, any time I wish I can call forth a particular mental image that corresponds to a certain word which I have "learned" names or describes an image. But, this does not appear to be what is actually occurring, at least not consciously. This is why I am forced to believe in the concept called the substructured mind that, in this case, is a portion of the brain that contains such "images" and a place from which I can "call them forth." Now suppose that within the ultranatural world, the world controlled by the ultranatural laws, that there are processes that could, at first, on the subconscious level alter either these images or how our brain would select or categorize certain words. We know that there are methods in the natural world termed subliminal perception that will tend to do the same thing. These processes use words or images to induce one, at the least, to select certain images or ideas or words and bring them forth into the area termed the conscious mind. Numerous experiments conduction from 1939 until this present day and my experience indicates, without any doubt, that subliminal perception does occur. I point out that subliminal perception need not be some slight repeated stimulus purposely introduced by a human activity. Such a stimulus can be produced by a repeated natural event.

Thus, it appears that within our natural environment not only do chemicals or other overt applications of natural processes alter brain activity and perception, but there are covert activities that can have the same effect. I have many years of experience as discussed in my Christian Testimony, that should convince any open minded individual that brain altering processes also emanate from the ultranatural world and that they can have many of the same effects as subliminal perception. There is a mathematical model that justifies these observations. As will be discussed in the next section, the reason one can conclude that some of these mental altering processes emanate from the ultranatural world is that these processes do not seem to follow natural law requirements. (This, of course, contradicts materialistic psychology and similar disciplines.)

4. Telepathy and Subliminal Perception

Significant experimentation in the area of subliminal perception began in 1939 (5). Relative to subliminal perception and visual stimuli presented "just below" conscious awareness, at least, three statistically significant outcomes are now known. The stimuli would be composed of either words or images.

1. If an individual has no prior knowledge as to what stimuli are to be presented and does not know that stimuli are being presented, then certain stimuli only give the individual a "vague feeling or impression" as to the content of the actual stimuli. This "vague feeling or impression" is manifested by an individual participating in an activity or seeking further knowledge relative to the stimuli and such manifestations would not occur if the stimuli were not presented.

2. If an individual knows that stimuli are being presented, from where the stimuli emanate, but has no direct knowledge as to the content of the stimuli, this "vague feeling or impression" has a more easily recognized and describable content that corresponds more directly to the actual content of the stimuli being presented.

3. If an individual has more direct information about the stimuli, such as the general category from which it is taken or that the stimuli will be selected from a known list, and the more an individual concentrates upon the visual region where the stimuli are being presented, then the individual would be more likely to know the exact content of the stimuli.

Fourteen years prior to significant research into the properties of subliminal perception, Alice Bailey wrote the follow relative to the three stages of (telepathic) overshadowing.
"First. An impression upon the physical brain of the man or woman, of thoughts, plans for work, ideals and intentions which (emanating from the Avatar) will yet be unrecognised by him as being other than his own; he will proceed to put them into action, unconsciously helped by the force flowing in. This is literally a form of higher mental telepathy working out on physical levels." (1, p. 756 - 457).

This first stage of overshadowing corresponds directly to how an individual behaves with respect to stage one subliminal perception. By-the-way, quality overshadowing will be used only on individuals who have been "consecrated since childhood." (1, p. 756). This is the exact reason that children and young teenagers are, today, the main thrust of the occult movement. This comes about by introducing occult symbolism at a young age and using youthful curiosity to entice them to participate in occult "entertainment." Now consider some of the aspects of Bailey's second and third stages of overshadowing where I have interpreted some of the code words.

"Second. The overshadowing of the chela [disciple] during his work (such as lecturing, writing, or teaching), and his illumination for service. He will be conscious of this, though perhaps unable to explain it, and will seek more and more to be available for use, . . . ." (1, p. 757).

"Third. The conscious co-operation of the chela is necessitated in the third method of overshadowing. In this case he will (with full knowledge of the laws of his being and nature) surrender himself and step out of his physical body, handing it over [being completely controlled] for the use of the Great Lord [Satan] or one of His Masters [demons]." (1, p. 757).

Notice that the second and third stage of overshadowing requires a certain amount of conscious effort on the part of the individual. The same holds for the second and third stage of subliminal perception. What is particularly significant in the third stage of subliminal perception is that one must concentrate upon the visual region where it is believed that the stimuli are being presented. Does this correspond to the "conscious co-operation of the chela" as stated by Bailey? Shortly, this question will be answered affirmatively.

Since overshadowing as described is a form of telepathy, how can one acquire Bailey's telepathy? In her book, apparently published after her death, Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle (6), she states on page 10, that strong personal desires, emotions and the desire to succeed will not lead to success. The only way to success is to concentrate upon the source, vehicle or medium that controls telepathic communication. One learns about this source through a special type of meditation. "All who seek to tread the Path of Discipleship are endeavoring to live in the head center [mind], and - through meditation - to bring in the power of the soul." (6, p. 11). Bailey discusses on page 71 of reference (6) what one must do in order to be truly a complete (telepathic) part of the "Plan" and that is to be in contact with the Universal Mind. In order to not burden you with all sorts of terminology, code words and the like, and to shorten this article, what is being stated by Bailey and her control, in her writings, is that all aspects of telepathic communication and all so-called extrasensory manifestations must pass through and are totally controlled by an actual substance, an actual medium, an actual substratum "material." All that remains now is to identify this "medium," this "Universal Mind" as Bailey terms it.

The "Universal Mind" are the Ah-hi or the building Devas [angles]. These have previously been shown to be the Scripturally defined demons. Bailey writes that

"They contain within their consciousness the plan logoic, and inherently possess the power to work it out in time and space, being the conscious forces of evolution.

They not only embody the Divine [Satan] Thought but are that through which it manifests, and its actuating activity." (1, p. 616).

In order to activate this Universal Mind medium, an individual needs to concentrate upon a specific entity. The more one meditates upon this entity, the more one will be accorded these extrasensory powers, powers that include "psychic healing." The more one imagines communication through this entity, the more telepathic "knowledge and power" one will acquire. But, what is this point of concentration?

Relative to meditation, we are told by Debra Yeager the following:

"And when you are in your place think of this white light coming down from the sky and going into your body and surrounding you. It is this light that is healing and all empowering. And it is the light that [sic] you will be getting your information." (7).
Then under "Channeling to your guides," we have:
"Channeling is the ability to communicate with your guide . . . . Your guide is your 'angel' . . . . When you can quiet the mind in meditation you can learn to listen or notice signs of your angel communicating with you." (8).
Further, psychic healing is the "energy of white light . . . both of you think of opening the crown chakra [solar disc] and pulling in the white light . . . May the light be with you always." (9)

The Bible gives us, with respect to doctrines as they are presented today, the exact meaning of this term "light" as used in this context.

"For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ.

And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed . . . ." (2 Corinthians 11: 13 - 15.)

Hence, this "light" concept is yet another code word for Satan and his demonic forces. The following has been established from what I have quoted above and additional research.

All true psychic or associated paranormal activity depends upon processes related to extrasensory knowledge, knowledge that is mostly spoken to an individual in terms of their own mental voice or, sometimes, presented in mental imaginary or similar forms that lead to activation of one or more of the five human senses. All such activity or knowledge that is not obtained through the gifts of the true Holy Spirit exactly as described within the Scriptures is obtained through demonic means and has no other purpose except the demonic control of an individual and all of society.
I point out that the atheists cannot escape from the above statement. After all, I did not believe in a God as described within any religious doctrine for 40 years of my life. Yet, I believed in and practiced the "scientific forms" of extrasensory perception. My beliefs at that time did not in any manner alter the actual source of my so-called "abilities."

Further, stage one overshadowing is most easily done within a mind of an individual who does not believe it can be done but who continues to listen to what one believes are the words spoken only by the mental voice, words that continue to produce, in some cases, undesirable or prideful results. For example, to show that in most cases we do not have total control over this mental voice, I have had thoughts in the past that I did not want repeated. I commanded my brain, "I don't want to think about that stuff anymore." Well, slowly and surely after a while my brain would disobey my orders and I found my mental voice restating those very words I had ordered it not to state. I am sure this has and continues to happen throughout all of humanity. I point out that experience indicates that such overshadowing processes do not seem to follow natural laws as we know them. There appear to be no natural barriers that restrict these processes and they often occur without a time delay.

[By-the-way, after your read the above very small outline of some of the actual methods used to get in contact with the source of occult "power," did your mental voice say something like "I'll think I'll try some of these. Just trying a few won't hurt me"?]

5. Overshadowing and the Atheistic Scientific Community

My professional biography indicates that I have had some success within the mathematical sciences. Of great significance is the fact that I have developed procedures based upon ideas that apparently I was the first to discover. How these discoveries were made is important to this investigation as well as theoretical science. What happens is that at the very first a scientist often gets what can only be termed as a vague impression relative to the foundations for a new theory.

After obtaining this "vague impression," the most difficult part is to use your training in your discipline and to present this "vague impression" in acceptable form. This is very, very difficult to do. You often need to create, in the appropriate manner, many new terms and even new but acceptable procedures in order to present this vague impression in a form that can be somewhat understood by others. My most significant contribution to theoretical science occurred with just such a "vague impression" in the fall of 1978. It has taken many, many years to put this "vague impression" into an acceptable form. This form is the very best that I can do, at this time. Unfortunately, I do not know of any scientist in the entire world that is even close to comprehending the material that appears in the GD-world, MA and GGU-models. Indeed, due to the many ramifications these models present, many in the scientific community purposely ignore this work since it explicitly contradicts their philosophic predilections. What I have learned over these many years is how scientists construct certain theories and why they fight so hard to convince the world that their theories are the correct ones even though many of their theories cannot be directly verified scientifically.

The GGU-model explicitly shows that any of today's theories that atheistic scientists accept as a model for how our universe may have come into being cannot be scientifically verified by any materialistic means whatsoever. But they ALL contradict the Scriptures in an interpretation that is consistent with linguistic procedures used at the times the Scriptures were written. What actual happens is that such theories usually start with a "vague impression." Once again, it then takes great effort to produce the actual theory content. Then once a theory is constructed, scientists are given significant awards for such an achievement and, further, they take great pride in the results obtained; especially when the results contradict the Scriptures.

Some scientists go to great efforts to force the world to accept one or another of these atheistic or weak theological theories. They restrict access to journals, to the news media, indeed, to all forms of communication. Only scientific work that upholds one of these theories is to be presented to the public. This was actually part of the official doctrine stated by the U. S. S. R. prior to its disintegration. These requirements specifically stated that the only theories that the Russian scientists could present to the general public were theories that upheld atheism.

"The Communist Party, guided by Marxism-Leninism and the dialectical and materialistic outlook, considers it its duty to promote by all means the development of natural, technical and social sciences. These help man to deepen his knowledge of the objective laws of nature and society and to harness the forces of nature in the service of society. This is way the Party considers it its direct obligation to wage a systemic ideological struggle against the unscientific religious outlook which clouds man's consciousness, dooms him to passivity and fetters his creative energy and initiative. The Party ceaselessly reminds us that scientific atheist propaganda must be based on popular explanation of the achievements in astronomy, biology, physiology, physics, chemistry and other sciences which vindicate the materialistic conception of nature and society." [Emphasis added.] (10, pp 10 - 11)
This exact same doctrine is used throughout the atheistic or, as some claim, agnostic world at this very moment. But, in most cases, it is not stated in such an explicit form. Since the demonic source of the above quoted Communist Party statement is easily established, it is no wonder that some scientific groups and individuals will actually go so far as to lie and cheat and, if given a chance, kill in order to discredit scientific theories that do not contradict the Scriptures. Indeed, their actions follow the same patterns as the Satanic actions described within the Scriptures.

I have no doubt that many of these atheistic or weak theological scientific theories have been produced, at least, by first stage demonic overshadowing in the exact manner and to the exact types of "highly intelligent" people as described within Bailey's writings.

Now, what about psychic healing and all the "good" things that have come from such activities? In the next section, it will be established that this is probably the worst form of demonic possession that general occurs today.

6. The Absolute Evil of Psychic Healing

If there is any activity that is the most likely to convince people to join or, at the very least, accept the demonic psychic movement, it is "psychic" healing. It is also the most perverted of all forms of demonic possession. I had a direct experience with individuals who practiced this, the most demonic form of overshadowing; Ambrose and Algo Worrall.

"Definite work must also be done in healing . . . and it must be demonstrated to the world that the ancient powers to heal still lies in the hands of those who consistently follow the {Christ}." (11, p. 516). {Christ = Master Jesus = demon}
This process is exemplified by the Worralls. The claim is that they used the Holy Spirit, which in my previous article relative to Bailey's occultism is a code word for demons, and psychic powers as well for their healing ministry.
"The Worralls have always been very clear about who was doing the healing. It was the Holy Spirit, and they were the agents. They were people of prayer, with tremendous faith. Both of them had gifts of the paranormal; they had visions and psychic revelations. But they never exploited these. They always used them for the healing of people and spreading the faith." (12).

Now nothing can be more demonic, since, as was done in the Scriptures not by followers of Jesus, it is possible to use actual Holy Ghost healing procedures although an individual is not indwelt by the Holy Ghost but is actually demon controlled. God preserves His ultranatural laws. In this case, we have the worst of Scriptural sins; "blaspheming the Holy Ghost." And, of course, it is very easy for the Adversary to "heal" illnesses that He has originally produced.

In my testimony, I mention that I knew the Worralls in a different setting, in their home with the observatory on top, a place where Mrs. Worrall conversed with me at great length in her attempts to recruit me as a member of their demonic healing ministry. Further, she practiced astrology. I knew at that time the exact source of her "healing" powers and for this reason I concentrated upon the "scientific" Dr. Rhine school of parapsychology, which actually presents some of the very covert aspects of this same type of demonic control. As written in March 1934, Bailey actually indicates why psychic healing is one of the most important aspects of her "theology."

"Those who work (as is eventually intended that this third group should work) definitely as outposts of the consciousness of the Hierarchy of Masters. This work will be done in group formation and with a united sythesised effort. The personal effect of such healers is therefore:

a. To coordinate the personality of the patient. . . .

b. To bring about contact with the soul, on the part of the patient. . . .

c. To fuse and blend the personality and the soul and thus provide an instrument for the distribution of spiritual energy." (12, pp. 43-44).

The basic purpose for all such psychic healing is to produce demonic overshadowing in one form or another. This is way these practices are the most dangerous of all. It is very, very difficult to convince an individual who has actually been healed by psychic means that what has occurred is demonic in character and designed to produce an overshadowing.

7. Prevention.

How do we prevent any of these very demonic concepts or procedures from entering into our lives or those of our family? One significant procedure is rather obvious. Simply have absolutely nothing to do with any form of the "Psychic this or that," occult or occult symbolism no matter where it is presented. Do not read any books relative to it, do not watch any television, movies, Internet, anything associated with such concepts or symbols.

There is a well-known notion termed opening the mind to suggestion. Those who specialize in advertising, know all the methods used for this purpose. Any form of stimuli relative to any of these areas, even if you do not participate, can lead you astray and open your mind to covert suggestion and the first stage of overshadowing. Many years ago when I used hypnosis within a group setting, I discovered a very dangerous fact. Not only was the immediate subject put into a hypnotic state but some members of the viewing audience were also put into such a state. They had paid enough attention to what I was doing that my suggestions affected them in the same manner as they affected my subject. Consequently, unless one has some special protection, this is the reason that individuals need to avoid all psychic or associated paranormal practices of any type, even as observers, so as not to have the mind influenced covertly by demonic suggestion.

But can one always know that the ideas presented are occult in character? In general, it is not possible to discern whether an overshadowing "power" is attacking you due to the clever methods and code words used. I characterize the Adversary as the most powerful and intelligent spirit being that is allowed limited but very great control over humanity. You, no matter how intelligent you believe you are, cannot match the cleverness of the Adversary. However, if properly acquired, there is one entity that can shield you.

Suppose that you have used natural means in an attempt to removed all of these extremely evil demonic influences from your life, then you might be in even greater danger.

"When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none.

Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out: and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished.

Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first." (Matthew 12: 43-45).

The only absolute way to prevent being overshadowed, at any level, and to recognize when such activities are taken placed is to be fully indwelt by the Holy Ghost, in the exact same manner as Scripturally described, and to use properly the Gifts of the Spirit. [Notice that a portion of this Scriptural process is the exact opposite of the practices used for telepathic control. For example, the process is very personal in character and often emotional, you must truly repent, and you should desire and seek such an indwelling of the Spirit of God.] Unfortunately, millions of Christians do not display a complete indwelling. They may be indwelt with the Holy Ghost, but they certainly are not fully indwelt. They show no signs of the indwelling, they have no strict way to verify the truth as required by 1 John 2:27, and they have no active and true Gifts of the Spirit. I firmly believe that being fully indwelt is the one and only way to avoid completely all of the psychic, associated paranormal and occult influences discussed within this article. [The material in this article is research driven and, as such, I will not engage in any discussion as to my findings.]


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