Robert A. Herrmann, Ph. D.

The articles on the Web site that are appropriate for a general audience are marked as (G). However, many of the articles have not yet been re-written with a view to improving or simplifying the exposition. They have been revised to improve the technical aspects. There will be, in the future, an effort to re-write and restructure these articles so that they might, and I stress might, be somewhat more accessible. I do not "dumb-down" these articles for important concepts must be fully presented. Until the final revisions are made in JAN and FEB 2016, you will need to do the best that you can under the circumstances.

The articles marked by (T) are written in the usual technical language associated with scientific journal presentation, although not in the usual compressed form. Many of the ideas and concepts cannot, as yet, be "simplified" since the concepts are very new and have only recently appeared in print. Indeed, it has taken many years to discove some terms that may give some insight into the actual content of these mathematical models. Each of the (T) articles (or portions in some cases) will may challenge you since they are technical in character and use these new terms, terms that require additional knowledge you may not possess. Indeed, it may even take years of effort and study to fully appreciate the meanings of these new terms. However, there are also books presented here, starting with the simplest known college level course in Mathematical Logic, that will aid you in acquiring the necessary knowledge. One should not expect that the scientific solutions to these significant problems, solutions that have alluded mankind until now tp obtain, could be solved by some well-know or simple means. If these problems could have been solved easily, they would have been solved long ago and a common language developed.

Finally, I will not, under any circumstances, alter any of the basic theological notions that may appear in certain articles although I may expand upon them.

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