Dr. Robert A. Herrmann

1. The scientific existence of a higher intelligence, CRSQ, 30(4)(1994), 218-222. [Using old terminology that is no longer employed, this paper discusses the results of a scientific modeling process that has application to such areas as the informational content of the DNA molecule. As stated in the following abstract, the results also have application to theology. However, the actual theological interpretation is only given in the last section of this paper.]

Abstract: This article gives a general overview of recent results in mathematical logic that should have a profound effect not only upon the foundations of origin-science but the foundations of all religious experiences and thought that either assume or logically require the existence of a supernatural higher intelligence. In particular, it is shown that the concept of the existence of a higher intelligence exterior to the material universe can be modeled rationally by means of the science of mathematics. It is established that human religious experiences and scientific models associated with either an assumption of or an implied requirement that a supernatural higher intelligence exists are not somehow or other irrational in character as it is claimed by many secular scientists and philosophers. Indeed, if such experiences or creation-science models directly correlate to certain customary Bible interpretations, then the assumption of irrationality is scientifically proved to be false.

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