The 1996 Templeton Prize Nomination for
Dr. Robert A. Herrmann

Dr. Herrmann has answered the most fundamental question associated with the relationship between theology and science. Can theological concepts be investigated by means of the scientific method? For hundreds of years, such philosophers as Feuerbach, Marx, Engels as well as many present day philosophers and scientists have claimed that theological concepts were scientifically irrational and thus could not be investigated by scientific means. Like most questions in science a simply stated question is often the most difficult to answer. Indeed, this question could not be answered explicitly until after Abraham Robinson, in the 1960s, had discovered and developed the new mathematical techniques called Nonstandard Analysis. These are the techniques, coupled with exceptional creativity and innovation, that Dr. Herrmann has used to answer this question affirmatively and, hence, he has shown that this claim is false. Moreover, as described below, his methods, at the least, have extraordinary and startling application to three major and fundamental theological concepts.

Although Dr. Herrmann's techniques can be applied to all major theological doctrine, he chose to apply them to the Bible. In 1978, without using any theological hypotheses and using only scientific logic, Dr. Herrmann constructed a mathematical structure that predicts and, hence, models scientifically all of the Godhead attributes described within the Bible as they are compared with attributes of His created. This answers the above question affirmatively relative to Godhead attributes as Biblically described. The existence of a Divine being exhibiting such attributes can be argued for by means of scientific logic and these attributes can be comprehended and studied in the same manner as is done within theoretical science.

The Bible contains numerously many statements that compare the Divine mind or mental attributes with those of His created. During 1979, Dr. Herrmann refined his general approach to modeling Divine attributes and, without using any theological hypotheses and using only scientific logic, he constructed the deductive-world (D-world) model. This mathematical structure predicts and, hence, models scientifically all of the Biblically described Divine mental and communication attributes as they are compared with those of His created. Again this means that the Biblically described "mind of God" can be investigated by means of scientific logic and such behavior can be comprehended and studied by using the basic methods of theoretical science.

In 1979, using a new interpretation for the D-world model, Dr. Herrmann began constructing, without using any theological hypotheses and using only scientific logic, the metamorphic-anamorphosis mathematical model (MA-model). This model can be used to answer both secular and theological questions. When interpreted from a secular viewpoint, it yields a solution to the General Grand Unification Problem* among others. When the MA-model is interpreted theologically, it gives a scientific model for various Genesis 1 creation scenarios. The existence of this mathematical model shows that Biblically based creation scenarios can be investigated by means of the theoretical aspects of the scientific method. This is exceptionally significant to the work of all of those scientists who are attempting to verify that one of the many possible MA-model creation scenarios is the specific creation scenario that has produced the universe in which we dwell. Moreover, this model can be interpreted in terms of intelligent agency.

This nomination is being made since many individuals believe that scientific investigations of theological concepts, investigations that are being undertaken by hundreds of scientists, would not be justified unless the above question is answered affirmatively and answered by means of an exceptionally strong scientific argument. This Dr. Herrmann has done with his very significant research findings that theological concepts can be investigated by means of scientific logic and the requisite methods of theoretical science. His application of these mathematical methods to three basic theological concepts and his mathematically derived conclusions should greatly aid our comprehension of God's attributes, in general, and increase our understanding of God's created visible and invisible kingdoms.

*Note: From a secular viewpoint, the MA-model is the first known scientific "Theory of Everything." This theory has now been refined and many new and starling results obtained. This refinement is called the GGU-model and the original MA-model comprises a portion of the GGU-model. Both the D-world and the GGU-model can be interpreted using the language of intelligent design. The GGU-model can also be interpreted using purely physical-like processes. Added by Professor Robert A. Herrmann, Mathematics Department, U. S. Naval Academy, 572C Holloway Rd., Annapolis, MD 21402-5002.

The official nomination acceptance

Notice: Dr. Herrmann is not personally associated with the Templeton Foundation nor any organization that is itself associated in any manner with this foundation. He does not endorse any Templeton Foundation publications. "Indeed, I firmly believe that most individuals associated with the Templeton Foundation have absolutely no idea as to the true attributes of God. I condemn any attempts by any organization or individual that claims to be Christian to popularize any god other than the God with the attributes and only the attributes specifically described within the Bible. I reject the present day theology of the Templeton Foundation." 12/20/2002

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