Can You Do What I Can Do? Or Should You Just Trust Me?

Robert A. Herrmann, Ph. D.
25 MAR 2014
(1) What appears to be a totally new and rather ingenious idea begins to germinate mentally. The idea involves types of new objects and their behavior.

(2) Very slowly words, images, diagrams are invented that denote the new objects and that describe relations between the objects. It's the relations that are the primary method used to express the idea. These new words, images, diagrams may be partly based upon modifications to previous meaningful "standard" words, images, diagrams since the new idea is descriptively similar in a few, but definitely not all, features associated with the standard objects. The previous features use descriptions that are general in character and are relative to "relations" between specific members of a set of objects with names taken from a set P termed as "Physical Objects and Concepts."

(3) The behavior of the previously understood words, images, diagrams is mathematically modeled via ingenious definitions. The definitions are expressed in terms of abstract "standard" mathematical symbolism so as to express the most appropriate behavioral features. The basic mathematical theory used is general set-theory.

(4) This mathematical model is embedded into another mathematical theory and application of specific rules predict abstract formal statements that relate the symbols for the new words, images or diagrams.

(5) The abstract formal statements are then re-expressed informally by statements using the terminology of the new words, images or diagrams.

(6) In many cases, the informal statements as expressed in terms of the new words, images or diagrams and behavioral relations can be compared with specific entities from P as their behavior is described by the original statements that employ the previously understood standard words, images or diagrams. This yields additional comprehension as to the predicted behavior of the new objects.

(7) In some cases, such a direct comparison to specific members of P cannot be made. However, in this case, the new informal statements still given general statements relative to the behavior of the new objects.

(8) The statements so obtained are then interpreted in terms of another discipline language. This means that the original and new terms are consistently replaced with terms taken from the other discipline. This yields a mathematical model for the other discipline statements and guarantees that the statements are consistent and rationally obtained.

Can you do the above (8) steps? Although all of my mathematical analysis is avaliable for all to study, the facts are that, due to the mathematics used, less than 500 individuals in the entire world can do it.

So, when I write the step (8) statements you need to trust me. As stated elsewhere, you need to trust that I have done the necessary work correctly. That there are no uncorrectable errors in my work. I will not jeopardize the value of my past academic honors and published research in many other areas by making false claims relative to my applications of the mathematically predicted results to theological concepts. But, it's possible that, simply due to my personal philosophic stance, you won't trust me.

If you are not a specialist in Quantum Electrodynamics, then you will not be able to calculate the behavior of gross matter based upon the assumed properties of the assumed hidden behavior of virtual photons. So, when a particle physicist explains, in general terms, the concept of partial reflection from a piece of glass or other observable events as caused by the hidden absorption and emission of photons by electrons, why do you believe him? Do you believe him just because he may be an atheist or he has presented his statements during a TV or Internet program, where only atheists are allowed? I probably have as many or even more academic honors and scientific journal publications than he does.

Relative to the GGU-model and GID if, for any reason, you don't trust me, please do not waste your time by considering anything I write relative to these two models.

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